33% year-on-year growth in mobile data traffic on New Year’s Eve

Telenor analysed network traffic on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and compared it to that in previous years in terms of mobile internet, voice and SMS usage. On New Year’s Eve, when no events were held and a curfew was in effect, Telenor measured a significant increase on its network.


How to prevent your pets from getting lost

New Year’s Eve is a nightmare for dog owners. Although this year, the number of fireworks and firecrackers is likely to be less than usual, you still have to anticipate problems. If your pet is frightened by the sudden noise and runs away, you should act as soon as possible as they can run a distance of up to 30km in an hour. András Óvári, founder of the Take Me Home (Vigyél Haza!) Foundation shares some useful tips below to keep your pets safe in the festive period.