Waste travelling through the river Tisza from the Ukraine, destructive designer drugs, adoptees trying to find their roots and 23-year-old baker teaching underprivileged Roma children how to bake – this year’s Hégető Honorka Awards were again granted to photo and video content presenting important social issues and moving or successful stories.


As of 1 October, József Takács was appointed to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Telenor Hungary. He joined Telenor in 2018 and was Director of the Controlling and Planning Department before his current appointment.


Nearly 50% of respondents find hybrid work more efficient than office-only work

Three out of four people working with a computer consider a type of hybrid work ideal, concluded a survey conducted by Telenor in September. Partial home office is expected to remain an option for a large number of positions and online job interviews and job fairs are also likely to become common practice.