Easy-to-access professional online environment for returning to business as usual

Telenor’s latest Otthonline plan provides unlimited browsing and e-mail both at home and in the office, useful Office 365 features and F-Secure IT security solutions. The offer scalable to companies of all sizes from micro businesses to large enterprises supports the establishment of a professional online business environment from minimum investment. Telenor now provides various early-bird discounts to make the offer even more attractive. 


Students sat for their final exams in secondary schools this week. But how did remote education impact their exam preparations? A survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Telenor found that most students found the transition to remote education smooth and are happy with the new setup. They miss personal contact and their classmates the most, but enjoy more flexible time management and value the time they can save on commuting. 


Telenor supports online services with simplified workflows and a series of video spots

The number of personal interactions has declined while the use of online sales and customer service has grown since the lockdown was announced. Telenor has launched several new and simplified features on its online platforms to help customers further reduce personal contact posing a health hazard in the current pandemic situation.