More than just a tower company: For the first time in Hungary a new telecommunication service provider model is being implemented based on the separation of the mobile service provider commercial activity from active and passive infrastructure

The process of separating Telenor's network infrastructure has been completed also in Hungary, and a newly formed network infrastructure service company called CETIN Hungary starts operating on 1st July. This is part of the regional project of the Czech PPF Group, the owner of Telenor companies in the CEE region and the majority owner of Telenor Hungary, aiming to further strengthen its strategic telecommunications investment in Bulgaria and Serbia, as well as in Hungary. Launched with nearly 200 employees, CETIN Hungary creates new opportunities for the efficient digitalization of the domestic economy with its state-of-the-art network infrastructure solutions.


Telenor Subjective account from Zsuzsanna Varga-Hering, Digital Channels and Sales Director of Telenor

The coronavirus pandemic has given great momentum to digitisation and increased the value of online services. But what about our digital maturity? Can people let the experience of offline shopping go, pay their bills or order a new phone while sitting on their couch? Zsuzsanna Varga-Hering, Digital Channels and Sales Director of Telenor, gave a subjective account of the changing rules of the game in the online world.


Personal customer service to remain important in a different way 

Telenor commissioned an award-winning Hungarian interior design studio to redesign its downtown shop and give it a new urban function. In the future, the retail shop of the mobile operator will double as an open office space. Although the importance of online customer service has grown during the lockdown, face-to-face shopping continues to be popular for all age groups. The shop has been redesigned in line with evolving market needs. Astoria has become an iconic site for Telenor over the past 25 years. In 1994, this was the company’s first independent shop to open and it still has the largest floor space of all shops in Telenor’s retail network.