While the working environment is an increasingly important aspect for employees, architects’ hands are more and more tied. Clients focus on practical considerations when designing office buildings. Future offices, however, are likely to be based on the “well” concept that encourages the construction of spaces inspiring creative work and promoting employee well-being. Please read on to learn more about the analysis of architectural, development and HR considerations by Gábor Zoboki, Nóra Demeter, Gábor Radványi, Lajos Hartvig and Judit Endrei-Kiss on the 10th anniversary of the Telenor House.
Building on the concept of the #nagyonte platform launched this summer, Telenor’s new campaign conveys the message that the things you get engaged with, love and enjoy doing will all add something to your personality. And Telenor’s network gives you a hyper-fast lane for such personal growth. It may well happen that seeing some concert videos you start watching tutorials and then suddenly find yourself playing in a garage band.