Telenor studies the power of female communities

Career, hobbies, tips and tricks or motherhood: what unites women in 2021? Female groups and communities have always played a key role during the history of Women’s Days. These communities are now moving to the online space, but their role is unchanged. Women use them to support and help each other, which is especially important during the pandemic. Based on the results of Telenor’s research conducted on the occasion of   International Women’s Day, members of female groups are usually active to get advice or gain inspiration.


Tips to protect your pet against seasonal hazards

Dogs and their owners go hiking and participate in more outdoor programs in springtime, but such activities require special care as dogs are more likely to run away in this season. With more animals spending more time outdoors, their instincts can make even peaceful dogs excited. You should pay special attention to your dog when it is in heat, lonely or simply due to the pandemic situation. Please read on to learn some useful tips from Zita Annoni and András Óvári, expert of the Take Me Home (Vigyél Haza) Foundation on how to keep your pet safe in springtime.


Telenor’s Hiper tariffs now offer customers more than a normal mobile tariff plan. The mobile operator provides new subscription-related services and extra offers to Hiper customers. Besides exclusive offers and handset services, they can also use express lane service at the call center. Having adjusted these extra services and benefits in response to customer feedback, Telenor wants to provide its Hiper customers with an outstanding customer experience.