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  • We pay attention to one another

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Our objective is to provide our customers with a mobile experience without compromises, which is why our developments focus on their needs and demands. Our solutions make people's lives easier and, at the same time, also contribute to the country’s social and economic development.

As a global corporation, we have an extensive and far-reaching knowledge network, through which we create services relevant to local communities, giving our employees the opportunity to create.

Our inspirational and flexible work environment awaits talented candidates who, by our side, wish to realise their inner potential.

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Freedom and flexibility

Flexible work opportunities allow us to work when and how we feel it to be most efficient. Through remote work, flexible working hours, part-time work or when it comes to creative freedom, we are able to attain that much desired balance between work and private life.

Individual development

New digital services and mobile technology innovations are rolled out back-to-back in our industry. For us, this environment represents unlimited potential for individual advancement and inspiration.

Significance of human relationships

We are proud of working at Telenor, with many of us having been here from the very start. We have gained immense experience in the past 20 years, and one thing is for certain: cooperation and collaboration will play an invaluable role in Telenor transitioning into a digital operator.

We pay attention to one another

What we love most about the culture at Telenor is that we pay attention to one another, we respect each other and our environment and consider human relationships to be extremely important.

We believe that as a telecommunications operator, we contribute to the development of local communities. We have launched numerous initiatives to enhance social welfare, including Hyperschool, our cooperation with the Red Cross or, and even founding the Ethical Company Awards.

If you think you will find what you are looking for in such an environment, look at what we offer.

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