Career opportunities

  • How do I see my work in three years’ time?
  • Will I be advancing in Hungary or will I get an opportunity to work abroad?
  • What am I really good at?
  • In what areas do I need to develop? How can I develop?

These are the issues raised at the discussions between staff members and managers as part of the Telenor Development Programme, and which help in uncovering individual goals and to set the path to accomplishing these objectives. In addition to the managers, HR experts also help staff members in realising their professional potential, and in advancing and accomplishing their career goals.

Telenor’s successful performance owes much to the extraordinary flexibility with which it responds to market challenges. This organisational mobility provides ample manoeuvring ground for staff members to test themselves in new areas, to advance within corporate hierarchy into management positions or develop professionally in expert specialist directions, either in-house or abroad.