Telenor Blue+ tariff without a loyalty agreement

You don’t like constraints but want to enjoy the benefits of subscription packages? 

Choose unlimited calls within the network with the Telenor Blue+ tariff packages, without a loyalty agreement!
Or save up to HUF 500-3,000 per month with a loyalty period of 11 months only.

Blue+ XS
Blue+ S
Blue+ M
Blue+ L
Blue+ XXL
Mobilinternet and EU roaming
  • 1 GB
  • 2 GB
  • 4 GB
  • 8 GB
  • Unlimited within Hungary 
  • 23,5 GB in the EU
Calls within the network    100 perc
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
Calls to other domestic networks and EU roaming using the on-net call quota100 minutes

100 minutes

250 minutes

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
Minute fees for additional calls    HUF 40 HUF 40 HUF 40HUF 0 0 Ft
SMSHUF 40HUF 40 HUF 40HUF 400 Ft
Monthly fee with no loyalty agreement, with e-Comfort packageHUF 3490 per month
HUF 5 990 per month
HUF 7 990 per month
HUF 11 990 per month
HUF 18 990 per month
Monthly fee with a loyalty period of 11 months, no phone purchase and
with e-Comfort package
HUF 2990 per month
HUF 4 990 per month
HUF 6 990 per monthHUF 9 990 per monthHUF 15 990 per month

Important! The Telenor Blue+ XS tariff package includes a call quota with a total of 100 minutes, which can be used for calls within the network, calls to other domestic networks, and EU roaming.

Did you know? If you agree to a 24-month loyalty period, you can 

  • Buy a phone at a discount price
  • Replace your phone at any time within the loyalty period 
  • Receive customised offers in our Bonus Programme


Remember: no handset discount is provided for tariffs without a loyalty period or with an 11-month loyalty period.  

General information

Telenor is committed to reducing its consumption of paper and other resources to protect the environment. For this reason, certain tariff packages are only available with an integrated e-Comfort package. 

Our e-Comfort package is available when making a purchase, by selecting the E-bill invoicing method.  In order to be able to keep the package, you need to settle your invoice by the payment deadline indicated on it using one of the following payment methods: bank transfer, direct debit, online (e.g. via, or the MyTelenor or Telenor Wallet mobile applications) using a bank card issued in Hungary and suitable for making online purchases, or at an ATM.

Even if these terms are not met, your next monthly invoice will include a fee for non-compliance with the terms of the package: HUF 300 for Telenor Blue+ XS and HUF 1,000 for Telenor Blue+ S, M, L or XXL.

Availability of minutes/SMS messages included in the tariff package:

The minutes included in the Telenor Blue+ tariff packages and the SMS messages included in the Telenor Blue+ XXL tariff package can be used for domestic, non-premium rate calls and sending SMS messages. Receiving calls within Hungary is free of charge.

The following applies to the tariff packages in roaming tariff zone 1:

  • Receiving calls is free of charge;
  • Call initiation – and for Telenor Blue+ XXL, SMS sending – is subject to the minute fees, SMS fees and availability specified for other networks in the tariff package;
  • For Telenor Blue+ XS, S, M and L, the entire data quota of the tariff is available for data traffic, while for Telenor Blue+ XXL, 23.5 GB a month is available.

The minutes (and for Telenor Blue+ XXL, the SMSs) included in the tariff package may not be used for the following calls and SMSs, which will be invoiced in addition to the monthly fee:

  • calls to special calling directions (Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Telephone Time Service and Invoice Information),
  • calls to toll-free numbers within Telenor’s service area,
  • calls to directory services and calls connected by such services,
  • domestic/international/roaming SMS (except roaming SMSs in Zone 1 for the Telenor Blue+ XXL tariff package) and fax services,
  • premium-rate calls and SMSs,
  • calls to donation lines, and
  • MobileShopping.

Availability of the data traffic quota included in the tariff package:

  • The traffic quota included in the Telenor Blue+ XS, S, M and L tariff packages may only be used in Hungary and in roaming tariff zone 1. The unlimited data quota of Telenor Blue+ XXL may only be used within Hungary. A monthly data quota of 23.5 GB is available in roaming tariff zone 1.
  • Once it is exhausted, data traffic is not possible.
  • The Internet will become available again on the first day of the new invoicing cycle, or at the end of the day at the latest; it will become available earlier if you buy a  Supplementary mobile internet service . 

  • The domestic data amount included in the Telenor Blue+ XXL tariff packages can only be used in Hungary, while the data amount specified for roaming tariff zone 1 (in the table above: EU) can only be used in roaming tariff zone 1, until the data amount for the new invoicing period becomes available.
    • After the data amount for roaming tariff zone 1 (in the table above: EU) is exhausted, data in that roaming tariff zone can be used subject to the rate specified in the tariff schedule of the tariff package, or you also have the option to buy a  Supplementary mobile internet service .

  • By ordering the tariff package, the Subscriber authorises the Operator to offer further options and information in connection with data traffic in notifications sent via MyTelenor application, via SMS or a sub-page while browsing if the data traffic quota included in the monthly fee is exhausted.
  • In case of domestic use, the bandwidths and download and upload speeds offered in the  GTC apply to the data traffic included in the tariff package.


  • Discounts (quotas) may not be combined for subscriptions or carried over to the next invoicing period.
  • In each case, discounts are applicable to the actually invoiced monthly fee. Subscribers are eligible for the full discount included in the monthly fee even if invoiced only for part of a month. 

The Telenor Blue+ tariff packages are intended for personal use only and may only be used subject to the rules of normal use. It does not constitute normal use if the Subscriber inserts the SIM card used for the tariff package in a device other than a mobile device, if the card is not used by a human being as intended (in particular if used for making automated calls), if the total duration of voice calls placed/forwarded exceeds 24 hours a day, or, if using the Telenor Blue+ tariff package and considering the data quota included in the voice tariff package, the Subscriber generates more than 35 GB of data traffic a day. 
The tariff packages may not be used for communication between machines (e.g. remote monitoring). The voice and messaging services in these tariff packages may not be used with a device without a display screen, keyboard (including touch screens), speakers and microphone (such as adapters, modems, private branch exchanges (PBX), SMS sending and other equipment). The tariff packages may not be used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to telemarketing, customer service or bulk SMS sending. 

In the event of improper use, Telenor may limit the service until the end of the invoicing period and will notify the Subscriber of this measure. The minimum services available during the limitation period are specified in Section 5.2 of the  GTC

If the Subscriber 

  • uses the Telenor Blue+ XXL tariff package and generates data traffic exceeding 35 GB per day, Telenor may, in the 2nd invoicing cycle following the subject month at the latest, invoice a daily fee of HUF 1,000 for each day when the Subscriber used data traffic in excess of the limit
  • places/forwards voice calls for a total period exceeding 24 hours a day, Telenor may switch the subscription to the tariff package lowest monthly fee that is included in the GTC, currently available, suitable for voice calls, during the given invoicing cycle or at the beginning of the next invoicing cycle. The Subscriber hereby acknowledges that within 6 invoicing cycles from the switch between tariff packages as described above, the Subscriber does not have the right to change the tariff package to any Telenor tariff package that is offered with unlimited calls.

It is a technical property of the mobile technology that the available resources are divided among the subscribers within the particular geographic area. Telenor is committed to offering the highest possible customer experience to its subscribers with a high degree of utilisation of network capacities. Consequently, in order to achieve adequate distribution and optimum use of its Mobile Internet resources, Telenor may apply dynamic network management, as a result of which the properties of the service may change. This does not affect the unlimited nature of the Mobile Internet service. In addition, Telenor informs the Subscriber that due to the properties of the technology, such as the unavailability of mobile services at certain locations due to the specifics of the area, it cannot guarantee a specific speed for its mobile internet service in general.

Once the data amount included in a Telenor Blue+ tariff package is used up, data traffic will be slowed down to max. 0/0 kbps for both downloading and uploading. If the Subscriber purchases a service containing data traffic for the subscription (e.g. Data Ticket), the speed reduction will be lifted both in Hungary and in roaming zone 1 until the data amount is again used up.