Prepaid changes

Changes to the Telenor Kártyás prepaid tariff package

Market needs are always changing. We respond to these changes and it is also our goal to make things simpler and more transparent for you. This is what we are doing now to our tariff and service portfolio. 

As of 18 August 2020, we will withdraw the Telenor Kártyás (Card) tariff package. What will happen next? 

From that day on, if you use Telenor Kártyás prepaid tariff, upon your first top-up, which qualifies as a conclusion of a new contract by implied conduct, we will proudly regard you as one of the Hello Kártyás subscribers. Upon that, you can continue to use your phone number, to which the terms and conditions of the Hello Kártyás tariff will apply. 

Oh, and the package… The SMS and minute fee for the Hello Kártyás tariff package will be HUF 25/minute or SMS at any time, to any network. The tariff package does not come with mobile internet data included.
There will be more services available for you: 


Exra adat és perc a Telenortól

minutes and mobile internet packages

If you like to talk, chat, tap, call... this package is the best for you! 


Extra adat a Telenortól

Extra data tickets 
For Hello Kártyás customers only 

Exceeded your data quota but want to continue browsing the web? 


Keep in mind that the following services will no longer be available for Hello Kártyás tariff, so they will be automatically cancelled when the switch to the new tariff plan happens: 

  • MyTrio
  • Klikk
  • MobilOnline Start
  • Praktikum 10 Minutes 
  • 5 perc után 0 Ft (HUF 0 After 5 Minutes) 

You can never have too much information! Here are the references and articles to make sure that everything is clear: 

The main provisions of the GTC that are affected by the changes are as follows, which you will find on the General Terms and Conditions page from 1 July 2020. 

  • Article 2.1.4. of 2 of the General Terms and Conditions 
  • Article I.2.16.; Article III. of Kártyás Tariff Schedule (Appendix 1/B); 
  • For detailed information about the applicable rights of subscribers, see Article 12.4 of the GTC. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

As of 18 August 2020, we will withdraw the Telenor Kártyás tariff package, whose sale ended last July. 

After withdrawal, by the first top-up, which is deemed to be a conclusion of a new contract by implied conduct, a Hello Kártyás tariff contract will be concluded by which the Telenor Kártyás tariff package will be replaced and our customers can continue to use their phone number under the terms and conditions of the Hello Kártyás tariff. Our customers don’t need to do anything in connection with the change of tariff, and no downtime will be expected in the service. 

Hello Kártyás packages can still offer so-called 2in1 minutes + net packages that include mobile data and voice call minutes. With the Hello Kártyás tariff, the monthly recurring data tickets will be available at an even lower price; moreover we will also offer a 5 GB monthly recurring ticket. We also offer voice call tickets for the Hello Kártyás portfolio: they provide 30, 60 or 120 minutes of voice calls per week, while the 300 HUF daily ticket provides unlimited voice calls within Hungary for one day under normal usage. 
In addition, we offer a number of personalized deals that are tailored to our customers' mobile usage and are available in our stores as well as on the MyMenu.

If any customer decides that the Hello Kártyás tariff does not suit them, they can choose from our postpaid tariffs. 

Services that are available through the Hello Kártyás tariff will automatically be transferred, but those that are not available through this tariff will automatically be cancelled; affected subscribers will be provided tailored information in advance. In this case, we recommend that, after the automatic tariff change occurring with the top-up, you check the availability of the additional services and, if necessary, opt for a new one, to avoid any inconvenience. 

If the card has not expired (see the packaging for details), these cards can be activated and used until 18 August 2020 under the same conditions. During the activation process, we inform our customers of the changes occurring after 18 August, which our customers accept by completing the activation. With the first top-up after 18 August, these cards will also automatically switch to Hello Kártyás tariff. 

If our customer activates their Express card after 18 August, they will only be able to do so on Hello Kártyás tariff. The customer will be notified during the activation and will be able to decide whether to continue the activation under the new terms and conditions. 

As of 1 July 2020, customers concerned will be notified of the changes that will come into effect on 18 August, and of the related GTC changes in accordance with legal requirements via SMS. We will inform you as to which tariff your package will be changed to, which services cannot be transferred, and where you can find more information. In addition, we also provide our customers with details of the changes at