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Phone/internet usage and roaming habits this summer

The pandemic has changed phone usage habits and has influenced where and how people communicate. Based on mobile internet usage data, Pest county, the Lake Balaton and counties close to national borders were the most popular domestic holiday destinations of Hungarians this summer. In terms of foreign trips, Germany, Austria and Croatia topped the list of destinations. Telenor customers used 59 million GB of data this summer, which is 35% more than the year before. The length of voice calls increased by 10%, as revealed by Telenor’s report comparing summer traffic data in 2020 vs 2019.


During a virus outbreak, fast digital response can be key to work sustainability

You need a coronavirus protocol to optimize work 

How does a 300 plus strong customer management team prepare for the next wave of the pandemic? What was their key to survival in the first wave? What new practices have they adopted based on recent experience that would have been unthinkable before? These and similar questions were answered by Telenor Customer Management Director Ákos Molnár at the Sustainable World conference of 9 September where he was invited to share his experience about the benefits fast digital response can provide to ensure the sustainability of work during a virus outbreak. He also introduced the special coronavirus protocol developed by his team in prepping for the second wave of the pandemic. 


Endless home office is not going to be a new global trend

Employees increasingly demand personal contact 

The coronavirus has created a new situation for businesses. Business leaders faced the challenge of creating a people-friendly yet productive and Covid-safe environment for their employees. Today, one of the key measures of employer quality is the ability to appropriately respond to the challenges created by the pandemic. Telenor and HR Fest organized a panel discussion featuring a journalist, an organizational development expert and an office market analyst to explore the ways of redefining work management in this new environment.


Telenor uses special disinfection procedure in key shops

The mobile operator wants to ensure continuous disinfection 

During the lockdown, the popularity of online self-service platforms grew tremendously. Since the lockdown was lifted, however, personal customer service has started to recover. Telenor shops now have more than twice as many visitors as a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, anti-COVID-19 measures are still in effect. To increase safety, Telenor has implemented a special colloidal silver disinfection procedure in 9 key shops.


Telenor HiperSuli launches video series to raise digital awareness among parents and children

Telenor presents special offer to coincide with the beginning of the school year

With the new school year approaching, HiperSuli has launched a 12-part TudatosNet video series to help parents and children stay safe in the online space. The short videos presenting the basics of safe and responsible internet use focus on topics such as the responsible use of chat applications, online harassment or parental control. They provide practical advice on how to recognize a fake profile, how to improve the safety of browsing or what to do if your account was hacked.


Telenor gives SMEs 50% discount off the monthly fee to help them get back to business

The promotion is valid for up to 6 months; it includes a handset discount as an option

SMEs heavily affected by the shutdown of recent months often face difficulties getting back to business. With Telenor’s special promotion they can save 50% of the monthly fee of their Telenor MyBusiness Classic tariffs for a period of 3 or 6 months including that of a plan with unlimited domestic airtime and mobile internet.