Press Releases

From women’s clubs to Facebook Groups

Telenor studies the power of female communities

Career, hobbies, tips and tricks or motherhood: what unites women in 2021? Female groups and communities have always played a key role during the history of Women’s Days. These communities are now moving to the online space, but their role is unchanged. Women use them to support and help each other, which is especially important during the pandemic. Based on the results of Telenor’s research conducted on the occasion of   International Women’s Day, members of female groups are usually active to get advice or gain inspiration.


Mobile phone cases featuring the Bird of the Year

100% environmentally friendly mobile phone cases from Telenor

Telenor, the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society and Cellect joined forces to prepare a limited series of 100% biodegradable plant-based mobile phone cases for 10 May, The Day of Birds and Trees. The collection featuring the European stonechat, the Bird of the Year, was designed by Panni Czikkely. After every case sold, HUF 500 is contributed to the Society’s Bird of the Year program.


Telenor launches new service for business customers using Apple

SPAR Hungary saves about 400 hours of work with the new system

Supporting the consistent and reliable management of enterprise mobile devices, the Apple Business Manager service enables companies to centrally set device policies and make different suites of applications available.  The new free service launched by Telenor can be used to manage both new and existing Apple devices making safe and consistent enterprise device use much easier.


Primary school students from Nagykőrös and secondary school students from Tata win the first regional finals of the FIRST LEGO League competition

To ensure the safety of participants, robot builder teams competed online at the two regional finals of the FIRST LEGO League competition. The finals held in Tatabánya was won by the RoboGo 5vos team of the Eötvös József Secondary School from Tata, while the one held in Zalaegerszeg was won by the EPYCTM team of Nagykőrösi II. Rákóczi Ferenc Primary School. The latter school that debuted in the competition this year has been a participant of digital education program HiperSuli run by Telenor, the competition’s main sponsor, for years.


Telenor employees get a day off for being vaccinated

Vaccinated colleagues get an extra paid holiday

To increase the vaccination rate and promote the willingness to get vaccinated, Telenor has joined companies that give their vaccinated employees a day off. In line with this, every colleague who decides to get a COVID-19 vaccine gets an extra paid holiday after receiving their first dose.


New survey: You call your Mom when you need advice

Telenor gives 60 minutes of free conversation for Mother’s Day

Based on the results of a new survey, Mom is on the top of the call list of people aged 18 to 55.  Besides everyday issues, respondents contact their mother for advice in the first place. According to psychologist Annamária Tari, initiating quality conversations and asking questions can contribute to good relationships now that you can meet with others less often in person. Given this, phone-based communication has an even higher value on Mother’s Day this year.


Dogs are more likely to be found running loose in the spring but you can prevent them from doing so

Tips to protect your pet against seasonal hazards

Dogs and their owners go hiking and participate in more outdoor programs in springtime, but such activities require special care as dogs are more likely to run away in this season. With more animals spending more time outdoors, their instincts can make even peaceful dogs excited. You should pay special attention to your dog when it is in heat, lonely or simply due to the pandemic situation. Please read on to learn some useful tips from Zita Annoni and András Óvári, expert of the Take Me Home (Vigyél Haza) Foundation on how to keep your pet safe in springtime.


Telenor gives more extra services to Hiper customers

Telenor’s Hiper tariffs now offer customers more than a normal mobile tariff plan. The mobile operator provides new subscription-related services and extra offers to Hiper customers. Besides exclusive offers and handset services, they can also use express lane service at the call center. Having adjusted these extra services and benefits in response to customer feedback, Telenor wants to provide its Hiper customers with an outstanding customer experience.


Official announcement of the PPF Group

PPF Group announces that it has named Ladislav Bartonicek, one of PPF Group’s shareholders, to manage all PPF Group’s activities on behalf of the deceased Petr Kellner.


SMS scam: “Your shipment is about to arrive, track it here”

How to prevent falling victim to SMS scam

In recent days, several millions of Hungarians have received SMS messages from scammers offering them a link to track their parcel about to arrive. Telenor warns its customers not to click on the link in the message and download the app, but delete the message as soon as possible. Please read on for more information about the SMS scam.