Hungary has the 2nd fastest mobile network regarding mobile video experience

No matter if you watch a funny video on YouTube or a film on MyTV or on HBO GO, Hungary provides the second best mobile video experience in the world – according to the latest research of the independent OpenSignal company.

It is the first time Open Signal prepared its analysis titled The State of Mobile Video that not only looks into 4G download speeds but also analyses the quality of online video services on smartphones.  

Only 11 of the 69 countries analysed earned a Very Good rating. Hungarian networks proved to be the second best, reaching 67.89 points out of 100. The Czech mobile networks came out best with 68.52 points. Hungary outperformed Scandinavian networks which are famously developed, but now only scored as third with 67.41 points. Networks in countries like Germany, Romania, Poland and France finished in the middle of the rank, scoring less than 60 points. 

“I fully agree with the researchers in that it is the online experience rather than the internet speed that counts for customers when they stream videos, chat or use social media. I am extremely proud that these two countries have proved to be the best in the world when it comes to mobile video experience. This is a fantastic result and a great feedback from the industry that our companies both in the Czech Republic and in Hungary are providing excellent mobile networks for an outstanding customer experience. We at Telenor Hungary have a high level of commitment and will do our best to continue and deliver world-class internet experience to Hungarian people also in the future”, said Telenor Hungary CEO Jan Hanuš.

The research emphasized that it is not enough to provide a fast download speed for high quality online video experience. They also evaluated available picture quality, the load time before the video begins playing and the video stalling rate. For this particular report, 87,011,812,678 datapoints were collected from 8,002,357 users in the period between May 14th and Aug 11th 2018. 

The analysis also scored general 3G/4G download speeds, where Hungarian networks ranked at the seventh position with 31.93 Mbps. The fastest three countries were South Korea (45.58 Mbps), Norway (40.25 Mbps) and Singapore (38.11 Mbps).
Telenor is continuously developing its networks to bring the benefits of Hipernet to its customers in the best possible quality everywhere in the country. Today 99% of the population in Hungary can access Telenor 4G services. An important aim of our developments is to bring broadband internet to small towns, therefore we already provided 4G at 2,700 small towns with less than 6,000 residents. Another priority is to focus on deep indoor development, and by the end of the year 95% of the population will have excellent deep indoor coverage.