Telenor expands Hipernet capacity by 90% at the Lake Balaton for the summer season

The Balaton region generates 10% of nationwide mobile traffic in the summer

The number of mobile users increases five- to sevenfold and in the most popular areas even to over tenfold in the Balaton region during the summer season. At this time of the year, more than 10% of Hungary’s nationwide mobile traffic is generated in this region which makes the Lake Balaton and its vicinity an area of special importance in terms of not only tourism but also telecommunications. Telenor has installed 13 new base stations and has aggregated spectrum to enhance customer experience at the lake.

Telenor provides 96% mobile network coverage to the 140,000 people living right around the lake. At the “Hungarian Sea”, mobile traffic is five to seven times higher on a busy day between June and August than on an average winter day. Of the highest-traffic villages, Csopak has fifteen times more data transferred on the Hipernet network on a summer day than on an average weekday in February. No other region has such a seasonal increase in traffic in Hungary. During the three summer months, the Balaton region generates more than 10% of Hungary’s total nationwide traffic. Telenor customers consume nearly 20TB of data and send and receive over 100,000 SMS messages in Balaton towns and villages on an average day.

“We love the Lake Balaton and its challenges”

Its landscape, nature reservation areas, protected buildings and the Balaton Law setting stringent requirements for tower construction make the lake a special area for network development. Another important aspect to consider is that the huge capacity supporting summer traffic lies idle in other parts of the year which makes cost-effective operation a challenge.

In addition to successful development projects completed in the region, Telenor has also taken temporary measures to reach the expected summer capacity exceeding that of last year’s level by 90%. Last year, the operator installed 13 new base stations around the lake and aggregated spectrum for more than 50 cells to migrate from 4G to 4G+ technology for its mobile internet and voice services. In villages with aggregated spectrum, the average Hipernet speed for consumers may well exceed 500 Mbps in the pre-season period.

At another 45 base stations, Telenor upgraded its control modules to the fastest and most state-of-the-art model to further increase capacity. Especially, customers living in Csopak, Fonyód, Balatonlelle, Balatonboglár, Balatonvilágos, Vonyarcvashegy, Siófok, Balatonszemes and Balatonfenyves can enjoy the benefits of the capacity increase.

“Our customers demand high-quality service with the coverage and bandwidth they’ve come accustomed to in any part of the year including the summer season. We keep monitoring their feedback and adjust our Balaton capacities to current demand. This year’s development will bring impressive progress in many towns and villages. As a result of our network development efforts, more users can connect to the network at a higher bandwidth and in a larger coverage area than ever before”, said György Koller, Chief Technology Officer of Telenor Hungary.

Motorways and festivals: doubled bandwidth, temporary base stations

On an average day, the mobile network traffic on highways and motorways is generated by moving cars. In the summer season, the mobile network of the busy motorway M7 and highway 7 faces a higher demand due to traffic congestions resulting in more users in the area. To prepare for such situations, Telenor completed a network development project in the area of Martonvásár, Velence, Székesfehérvár and Polgárdi. At the affected base stations, bandwidth was doubled and two new base stations were also put in place.

Similarly to busy roads, major summer festivals also have a large concentration of simultaneous users. Such events can have an audience equal to the population of a mid-sized town generating huge data traffic. As in previous years, Telenor will install temporary base stations and expand the capacity of nearby permanent base stations to the maximum to ensure seamless customer experience at festivals and other events in the Balaton region.