Players shape their own story in ChatStory – chatbot for safer internet

Using the internet as part of their everyday lives is a basic skill for teenagers. Online safety, however, is not such a clear concept for them. With its new chatbot app “ChatStory – Your Story” Telenor promotes responsible internet use in Messenger, an environment familiar for young people. In an entertaining setting provided by ChatStory, players can decide how to shape their chat story including some instructive turns of events. 

What is a chatbot?

The operators of chat applications, such as Viber or Facebook (Messenger), have recently made it possible for companies/organisations to interact with customers through their apps using chatbots featuring artificial intelligence and automatic response. That is, addressing the chatbot of a given company/organization, ordinary users get personalized or predetermined response messages. Telenor’s new “ChatStory – Your Story” app is based on the same concept. The app available in Messenger follows a story with several decision points when players can decide about the next course of events. 
For the demo video of ChatStory chatbot please click here.

Things important for young people

Eight out of ten children aged 12 to 14 have a smartphone, and even those who don’t tend to use the smartphones of family members occasionally [1]. Members of this age group consider it important to have mobile internet included in their tariffs. Due to the easy access to smartphones and mobile internet, digital presence now plays an important role in young people’s everyday lives, be it about studying, community interactions or entertainment. 

With its ChatStory Messenger bot, Telenor aims to educate young people older than 13 on the importance of showing responsible behaviour and mutual respect in everyday situations, particularly in the online friendship of two young people. In the playful setting provided by the first version of ChatStory, you can follow a love story. At the beginning of the game, players can decide whether they want to play the role of the girl or that of the boy, and then start the story from the first meeting through various complications and decision-making situations. At the end of the story, ChatStory doesn’t give players an evaluation, but hints whether they made the best choice in a specific situation through the turn of events. Players can then decide whether it would make sense to rethink their response given to the dilemmas presented. 

Users can click to the website from any point of the story. This website publishes useful articles about the self-image and sexuality of young people aged 12 to 18 and also provides a chat service where they can ask the foundation’s qualified experts anonymous questions about their concerns.

The story of ChatStory was developed by Tibor Prievara, founder of the Foundation for 21st Century Education with professional support from “Hintalovon” Children’s Rights Foundation, the organization behind The ChatStory app was tested by Telenor in Hipersuli classes of students older than 13 and the app was finalized based on feedback from this target group. Please click here for the video of Hipersuli students talking about their favourite platform.

ChatStory can be accessed from a smartphone through Messenger. You only need to enter “ChatStory – a te sztorid” in the search field, tap on the result, and select the “New Game” option to start. ChatStory doesn’t store or analyse any personal information about users. The Facebook Page of ChatStory provides interesting articles about the subject. To access the chatbot, you don’t need to like or follow the Facebook Page.