Dog adoption guide

During the pandemic, more and more people consider adopting a dog. If you have a dog, you should train it right from the beginning to prevent problems such as escaping or separation anxiety. Below you can read a few useful tips from Nóra Vámosi-Nagy, senior dog trainer of Make the Most of Your Dog (Hozz ki többet a kutyádból), on the most important things to consider when adopting a dog.

Set up a routine

Adopting a dog is a major event both for the dog and the family. You have to be prepared to give enough time to getting to know each other, as you’ll have a four-legged companion for about a decade. First, you should set up a routine that can help getting used to each other. In the initial period, you’ll surely need more attention, patience and care to cope.

The quantity and quality of your programs together depend on the character of your dog. If you don’t exhaust your dog, they will find a way to occupy themselves by chewing on objects or making other damage. It is a misconception that dogs living in the garden require less attention. They also need personal attention and playful exercise. If they are left alone, they will get bored of the stimuli and smells of the garden and may start to be attracted to excitement offered by the world outside the fence.  A dog that didn’t have an owner before may even try to escape and if they have positive experiences in the outer world, they may develop the bad habit of running away regularly. To prevent that, you need to give your dog physical exercise and mental stimulation taking into consideration their instincts. You can take them for a walk, play with them and train them. It doesn’t make sense to take your dog with you everywhere as besides spending time together they also need some me-time where they can be alone and relax.

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Walk safe

Regular walks are an essential part of a dog’s life. This is when they can spend time with their owner, get to know their environment and explore new smells. While walking, pay attention to your dog’s signals and difficulties that a trainer can help you manage.

Whether you walk your dog in the city or in a forest, keep them on a leash. There are many factors including busy roads and vehicles, unknown noises or even masked people in the city or smells and wild animals in the forest that can frighten them and cause an accident. If your dog encounters a new environment, let them get used to it gradually ensuring that they have a positive experience. For safe walks and outdoors exercise, you may find it useful to have a Blaupunkt GS02 tracker attached to your dog’s collar and available from Telenor as part of the Telenor Track tariff. Using the related app, you can track your dog’s location on your mobile phone. You can also set up a virtual fence in the area and request an alert if your dog crosses it. This way, you can find your dog easily if they happen to wander off.

Prevent separation anxiety

Now that you spend more time at home because of the pandemic, your dog may get used to you being around all the time. If you leave them suddenly alone for a longer period of time, they may be anxious and start crying or destroying things. Once the dog is integrated into the family, you should start leaving them alone. Even if you are at home, you shouldn’t be in the same room all the time. Set aside some fixed parts of the day when you leave them in a different room relaxing. First, leave them only for a short time and then increase the timespan gradually. Schedule these periods to the parts of the day when your dog is tired, e.g. after walks. When you leave your home, your dog may also be frightened by the silence. Leaving some familiar noises on (e.g. music) can help them cope. An object associated with or a piece of clothing having the smell of its owner can also calm dogs.

Separation anxiety can develop in a short period of time like spending a few weeks at home or having a holiday together. To prevent that, keep your daily routine from the outset. This way, it will not make much of a difference for your dog if you are at home or off to work.

The Blaupunkt GS02 tracker and app available with the Telenor Track tariff can help you track the location of your dog or cat any time. For more details, please visit Telenor’s website.