European Championship boosts Telenor data usage during matches

Data traffic up 17% on Telenor’s network during the event

During the recent European Football Championship, the interest in matches featuring the Hungarian national team has been reflected by soaring data traffic compared to other games of the event. During the one month of the European Championship, data traffic was 17% higher on Telenor’s network than in the same period last year which was partly attributable to the usual annual growth trend.

Telenor’s mobile internet data report identified sudden peaks in traffic on the days when the group matches of the Hungarian national team were broadcast. Soaring data traffic was visible during all three matches in the data generated by MyTV, the operator’s online television service. The peak began during the 1 hour before the starting time of matches which indicates that viewers started MyTV to listen to studio discussions before the actual events.

Peak traffic during group matches

Considering total network traffic, the highest peaks were detected during the first and third group matches – the Hungary vs Portugal game of 15 June and the Germany vs Hungary game of 23 June. The rise was less apparent during the match against France.

Both in terms of the games involving the Hungarian team and overall, the Hungary vs Germany match had the highest usage strictly considering the volume of data used during the match. It was even higher than during the finals. The data traffic measured during the Hungary vs Germany game was 1.5 times higher than that of the finals of 11 July. Considering full-day data traffic during European Championship match days, the highest traffic was measured on 2 July, Friday. That day, two quarterfinals were played (Switzerland vs Spain and Belgium vs Italy).

Considering the one month of the European Football Championship, total network traffic was 3% higher than in the previous month and it was 17% higher than in the same period last year which is partly due to the trend of customers using more data every year. At MyTV, user-generated data traffic was 12% higher than during the month before the event and it was 37% higher than in the same period last year.

Telenor recommends its Hiper tariffs including a data allowance of100GB to customers for carefree rooting at summer sports events while on the road. Those staying in a holiday home or travelling should opt for the Hipernet Home+ Holiday tariff available with a mobile router. The monthly fee of this tariff varies by usage and customers need to pay for mobile data only on the days when the tariff is actually used.