Telenor acquires frequency for 5G network development

Telenor Hungary has been selected as a winning bidder in the National Media and Infocommunications Authority’s (NMHH) frequency auction for the 700MHz, 2,100MHz, 2,600MHz and 3,600MHz spectrum. As a result, the company now has new frequency bands required for the commercial launch of 5G service. Telenor Hungary has been granted the maximum (140MHz) in the 3,600 MHz frequency range, the pioneering spectrum for 5G which means it has the largest capacity in this spectrum. In addition, the company was granted a 2x5MHz duplex band in the 700MHz range. Telenor Hungary has a license to use the above spectrum for 15+5 years. 

“At Telenor Hungary, we believe that 5G technology will improve the competitiveness of Hungary’s economy and the prosperity of the Hungarian society in the long run. Therefore, we are committed to implementing the most state-of-the-art technology. Frequency allocation should always be planned based on future rather than current needs. NMHH has elaborated a highly professional auction procedure giving maximum consideration to technical and user needs expected in the coming decade”, said dr. Győző Drozdy, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Telenor Hungary.

NMHH launched its frequency auction for the sale of bands suitable for implementing 5G mobile networks on 18 July 2019. The 140MHz available in the 3,600MHz range enables Telenor Hungary to leverage the opportunities provided by 5G technology especially for capacity increase through the development of a 5G network with smaller-sized cells. The frequency block acquired in the 700MHz range supports the expansion of coverage and service in scarcely populated areas. 

By 2020, Hipernet 4G’s nationwide consumer coverage reached 99.5%. Due to ongoing development, this technology now has a capacity formerly projected for 5G. In the near future, growing needs will be served by 5G and 4G technologies combined, primarily in high-traffic areas. But, in the same way as observed with past upgrades, new-generation technology is expected to take over the role of existing technical solutions gradually, thus ensuring smooth development. Based on Telenor’s experience, there is an emerging interest in the opportunities provided by 5G both from consumers and business customers which clearly promotes the broad adoption of the new technology. Besides providing the network infrastructure, operators also have to act as the catalyst of technology innovation supporting consumers and business customers.

With the newly acquired spectrum, Telenor aims to further enhance its advanced Hipernet network and provide its customers with the high quality they have come to expect in the long run.