Hégető Honorka awards presented

Main award goes to 24.hu editorial staff; György Baló is granted posthumous award for his life’s work

Since 2003, the Hégető Honorka award has recognized the efforts of journalists and creators of photos or videos responding to important social issues and causes. This year, the six winners included films made by 24.hu, RTL Klub, Index.hu, Északi Támpont Egyesület and Háttér Társaság. The late György Baló, President of the award programme’s jury from the outset, was granted a posthumous award.

The award programme was launched in 2003 in memory of the late Honorka Hégető, editor and reporter of RTL Klub, who lost her life in a car accident. It rewards short films about people in need.

The main award of Hégető Honorka Foundation’s award programme was granted to two videos by the creator group of 24.hu including Zsófia Szász, Noémi Zalavári and Bálint Bárdi.

In their video titled “Egyptian eatery owner gives free food to the poor in District 8”, Bálint Bárdi and Noémi Zalavári tell the story of Hana Samir Kamel of Egypt who runs an eatery selling traditional Hungarian dishes near Mátyás tér, Budapest, and gives free food to those in need. His credo is that he treats the visitors of his eatery as friends rather than as customers.

Zsófia Szász and Bálint Bárdi made their video titled “My Dad has beer, my granny has beer and my Mum is not at home”, in the Child Jesus Home run by Csaba Böjte’s foundation. The renovated castle in Romania is home to children coming from poor families in nearby villages whose alcoholic parents cannot take care of them. Some school-age children come illiterate while others had never used hot water before arriving at the home.

“We recognize the efforts of journalists who address issues that would not otherwise enter the public domain. We welcome applications that not only highlight an important social issue or life situation but also propose a solution to them. This year, we had nearly 80 high-quality applications submitted to our programme”, said Róbert Kotroczó, President of Hégető Honorka Foundation’s Board of Trustees, News Director of RTL Klub.

A shared award was granted to Judit Moskovics, editor and reporter of RTL Klub show “Házon kívül” and András Földes, journalist of Index.hu. Judit Moskovics, made a short film about home patient care, one of the toughest jobs in Hungary. She tells the story of a mother who has been living her life based on the same pattern for 20 years. She can never relax or take a day off, yet she never complains. She’s been taking care of her disabled son for 23 years and her husband for 5 years on a 24/7 basis with relentless optimism and persistence. András Földes was awarded for his video report titled “How I escaped a secret agent in the country of slavery. The video was shot in Libya sunk in chaos since Khadafi’s death and left by tens of thousands of refugees heading for Europe.

A shared award was granted to Flóra Chilton and Szilvia Hauer. Flóra Chilton, artist of Északi Támpont Egyesület, was rewarded for her video clip titled Resilience. In the video, she shows how art and mental health tools are used to help teenagers in uncertain life situations in state care discover their talent. The song captured in the video was written and recorded with the support of mentor Kristóf Horváth to music composed by Edmond Mizzo Oláh. The video clip was broadcast at full length by the evening news programme of RTL Klub. Szilvia Hauer, member of Háttér Társaság, a gay rights’ organization, won the Hégető Award for her film titled “I have an LMBTQI child!”. In the report prepared by the organization, parents talk openly about the experience of having a gay or transgender child. The film aims to let the affected families know that they are not alone, there are others in similar life situations, and there are forums available to reach out to and discuss their problems.

The organizers of the award event rendered homage to the life’s work of the late György Baló who passed away in March. György Baló was President of the jury for Hégető Honorka Award Programme from the outset. The award was presented to Vera Baló, daughter of György Baló. This year’s jury of Hégető Honorka Award Programme included journalists Alinda Veiszer, János Horvát and Balázs Weyer with János Horvát being President of the jury. Sponsors of the programme were RTL Klub, Telenor Hungary and the Hégető family.