Telenor further reduces mobile Internet prices for prepaid customers

New prepaid tariff plan and double data promotion for the summer season From now on, prepaid customers can use mobile Internet at an even more attractive price and reduce their minute rates with a new voice ticket service as part of Telenor’s renewed “Hello Kártyás” prepaid portfolio. In addition, Telenor offers a double mobile Internet data option to prepaid customers in the MyTelenor app which means that Hello Kártyás customers can buy 2GB Hipernet for 30 days at a price of only HUF 1,100.

Based on Telenor’s usage statics, more and more prepaid customers use its Hipernet network available to 99.5% of Hungary’s population. Prepaid customers consume more than 1GB of data per month on average which is about three times higher than last year. In terms of content, social media applications are the most popular accounting for more than one third of this year’s total prepaid data usage.

More data tickets, more attractive prices

In response to the above trend, Telenor has updated its prepaid portfolio and launched a broader range of mobile Internet data tickets. Its portfolio of one-off, daily, monthly and 30-day recurrent tickets now includes a new 5GB option. 30-day recurrent data tickets are available at an even more attractive price with the new Hello Kártyás tariff. Customers can now buy 1GB of mobile Internet for HUF 1,100. Active social media users can opt for the HelloChat data ticket providing unlimited domestics Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram use combined with a 1GB general data allowance for only HUF 2,000.

If the data available fail to cover summer needs, those with an active 2in1 plan or 30-day recurrent data service can double their data allowances for an even more carefree mobile Internet experience on Telenor’s Hipernet network beefed up at the Lake Balaton for the summer season. This option can be used once in the MyTelenor app between 18 June and 31 August 2019. The double data allowance can be used for 2 months from the date of placing the order.

Recurrent and HelloChat data tickets available with the Hello Kártyás prepaid tariff plan:


Hello 500MB

Hello 1GB

Hello 3GB

Hello 5GB


2000 Ft
/30 days

750 Ft
/30 days

1100 Ft
/30 days

2500 Ft
/30 days

3500 Ft
/30 days

Data available in Hungary and in the EU

unlimited social media + 1 GB

500 MB

1 GB

3 GB

5 GB

Summer data using the double option in the MyTelenor app

unlimited social media + 2 GB

1 GB

2 GB

6 GB

10 GB

Voice tickets and 2in1 perc+net option

A new component of the portfolio is the so-called voice ticket service designed for those who want to make voice calls at an attractive price, need more airtime on an occasional basis and want to control their spending at a daily or weekly level. One-off voice tickets providing 30, 60 and 120 minutes of airtime in Hungary and in the EU are valid for 7 days. The Hangjegy120 weekly ticket including 120 minutes of airtime has a highly attractive minute rate of HUF 12.9. Using the “Korlátlan Hangjegy” ticket, customers can enjoy unlimited airtime for one day at a price of only HUF 300.

The new prepaid tariff plans can be used with the 2in1 option including both airtime and mobile Internet that can be freely combined with the new data and voice tickets. Similarly to data and voice tickets, 2in1 data and airtime can also be used both in Hungary and in the countries of roaming zone 1.

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