Telenor offers mobile internet tariff plan with a flexible monthly fee for your home or holiday house

With its new mobile internet tariff plan, Telenor is launching a solution unique in the Hungarian mobile market. For using Wi-Fi with a mobile router in a holiday house or while on the road, the Hipernet Home+Relax plan is available on a pay-per-use basis. That is, customers signing a commitment contract and buying a new handset have to pay for the service only when it is actually used. The offer includes two tariff plans, one with 50GB of data and another one with 100GB of data automatically activated with use.

The new offer is ideal for those who need more Hipernet occasionally, when they are in their holiday house, on the road, on a cycling trip or on the beach and want to use convenient Wi-Fi connection, even on more than one device. This way, they can use more mobile internet without committing to a location-based subscription or having to pay a fee also when no traffic is generated.

The Hipernet Home+Relax tariff is available in two versions, either with 50GB or with 100GB of data. The novelty of the tariff is its flexible monthly fee. In addition to the base fee, customers have to pay for the data allowance on a pay-per use-basis and they don’t have to place an order as the service is automatically activated with use. The data allowance is valid for 30 days and it is automatically re-activated if they continue to use it. If a customer runs out of data before the end of the 30-day validity period, they can order an additional 50GB or 100GB of data. Of the 50GB allowance 8.5GB, while of the 100GB allowance, 15.2GB of data can be used within the European Union.

The base fee without commitment is HUF 2,000 per month which is reduced to HUF 1,000 per month with a 12-month commitment or HUF 0 with a 24-month commitment. The tariff has an entry fee of HUF5,000 credited to the price of the first activated data allowance if commitment is signed.

Telenor also offers an attractively priced router to customers for a carefree Wi-Fi experience. Combined with a Hipernet Home+ Relax tariff plan and a 24-month commitment, the Huawei E5785 (92C) router is available with an upfront payment of HUF 0 and a 22-month instalment plan of HUF 990 per month.

Hipernet Home+ Relax 50Hipernet Home+ Relax 100
Data allowance50GB, including 8.5GB available also within the EU100GB, including 8.5GB available also within the EU
Base monthly fee
with a handset and a 24-month commitment
HUF 0 per monthHUF 0 per month
Price of data allowance
with handset and 24-month commitment
(debited upon use)
HUF 5,000/30 daysHUF 9,000/30 days

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