Telenor HiperSuli launches digital curriculum development competition for teachers

Telenor is launching a competition for teachers with the aim of extending the range of online resources available to support education. Applications can be submitted on HiperSuli’s website until 28 May.

The implementation of digital education created a major challenge for students, parents and teachers alike. It remains to be seen how the online education of the quarantine era would change classroom-based education when schools reopen in the autumn. Many teachers, however, are eager to integrate newly acquired digital skills into traditional education. The new online teaching practices developed by them can benefit other teachers as well. Telenor is announcing its competition to identify those new best practices and make them available to all teachers.

The HiperSuli teachers’ curriculum development competition is open to applicants with a teacher’s degree. Applications can be submitted with a few clicks indicating their subject and targeted age group. Teachers can apply with existing ideas, they don’t have to develop a new project for the competition from scratch. Applications will be accepted in categories such as collaboration, testing, virtual classroom, sharing new knowledge/interactive presentations.

The competition will be open for applications until 27 May, midnight at

Of the applications submitted until 27 May, 25 will be selected by a professional jury considering also the feasibility of ideas. The 25 teachers selected will be enrolled in a Webuni training course to get help for creating a video version of their curricula to be published on HiperSuli’s website.

Of the teachers publishing their videos, 10 winners will be selected by the professional jury who will be rewarded with free Hipernet access and a prize valued at HUF 100,000.