Keep your mobile safe for a few hundreds of HUF per month: Telenor expands handset insurance offering

It is rather common to have a mobile phone or a tablet worth several hundreds of thousands of HUF today. But who could carry such a device in their pocket without stress knowing that it can be damaged or stolen just any time? Telenor now offers a reassuring solution to its customers.

Handset insurance is not a new thing at Telenor. Those who signed a commitment contract with it could take out an insurance giving them peace of mind before. A few days ago, however, the operator made insurance available to any customer buying a new handset, tablet or any other device with a unique IMEI number from Telenor. That is, insurance will not be linked to commitment in any way, but it can be used as an optional service with any device purchased from Telenor at list price. Paying a few hundreds of HUF each month, you no longer have to worry about your phone being damaged, lost or stolen. Given that a new mobile phone may cost several hundreds of thousands of HUF, the price of the insurance is really a minor item considering the services included.

Telenor offers its customers three different insurance plans at a varying monthly cost. The Basic, Medium and Extra plans differ not only in their monthly fees but also in terms of their coverage. Available from HUF 390 per month, the Basic plan covers accidental damage, a broken display and other types of damage. The Medium plan extends this coverage to theft (car broken into, burglary, robbery, pickpocketing, plunder), while the Extra plan insures the handset against any internal defect or moisture for 365 days after the warranty expiry date. Such accidents are more common than you would think. Some people take their smartphones with them in the bathroom ignoring that moist air may destroy the its internal metal components and connectors in a few months’ time. Besides the plan selected, the price of the insurance also depends on the current list price of the handset upon purchase, said Márton Homola, Digital Products Director of Telenor.

The insurance provides not only security but also convenience as damaged or broken handsets are collected from customers by a courier service providing doorstep delivery as part of the service. Damage can be reported at a toll-free number, there’s no need to walk in to a Telenor shop in person. Customers will not be left without a mobile phone until their claim is settled. In the meantime, Telenor provides them with a replacement handset, if requested. If a smartphone or a tablet cannot be repaired or it was stolen, it is replaced by the insurance company. Please note, however, that if a handset is damaged or lost due to a criminal act, this has to be reported to the police to be able to enforce the insurance claim.