Municipal elections boost mobile internet traffic

On 13 October, the day of Hungarian municipal elections, Telenor measured a browsing data traffic 3TB higher than on a usual Sunday.

Browsing traffic was somewhat above the average level virtually throughout the day and in line with the usual daily trend, it started to steadily edge its way up in the afternoon. During the 3 hours after voting was closed, however, a browsing data traffic constantly higher than typical was observed.  

The traffic increase is likely to be attributable to a large number of people trying to get news about election results from the internet. The combined daily traffic increase of 3TB (comprising a large number of transactions with a low per capita data consumption) is a significant traffic peak likely to be caused by users browsing for election results. Once election results were finalized, browsing traffic started to decline. 


Interestingly, Telenor’s aggregate browsing traffic measurements do not include social media traffic that increased at a lower rate than usual.