Telenor encourages all to wish men named Bálint a happy name day on Valentine’ Day

Telenor’s Valentine’s Day campaign puts men named Bálint in the centre of attention whose name day is overshadowed by Valentine’s Day celebrations. 14 February is the name day of Bálint in Hungary after all. The campaign encourages all to wish their friends named Bálint a happy name day in the frenzy of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day has always divided people. Some like it, while others hate even the idea of toy bears and chocolate, consider it totally unnecessary or consider it just too American. Telenor’s Facebook campaign approaches Valentine’s Day from an entirely new perspective. It encourages people to give more attention to men named Bálint whose name day of 14 February is totally overshadowed by Valentine’s Day celebrations.

To give Bálints more attention, Telenor has created a Facebook event as part of its campaign. Joining this event, you can also express your solidarity with Bálints celebrating their name day. To ensure that all those named Bálint have a nice programme as a gift this year, you can join a prize game on Telenor’s Facebook Page until 14 February to win a nice programme for your favourite person named Bálint. All you need to do is write a few lines of praise about the person in question to explain why you consider him the best Bálint of all. As a result, 14 February 2019 will finally be a proper name day for Bálints again.