How do customers select a smartphone? - Flagship smartphones and accessories are more in demand at Christmas

With the number of mobile internet users and their time spent online growing, people tend to make increasingly well-informed decisions when selecting their smartphones. They also have an increasingly clear idea about the features important to them in a handset. Besides price, key factors considered include battery capacity, camera, processor and display. In the Christmas period, flagship smartphones are also more in demand.

Telenor sells more mobile phones than usual in the year-end festive season when people tend to buy a new handset not only for themselves but also as a Christmas gift for their loved ones1. Flagship models are more popular in this part of the year which are available under better conditions as part of Christmas offers.

Based on a survey conducted by Telenor on a sample of regular internet users2, two out of three postpaid customers who are planning to buy a new handset will select from the offering of their mobile operator. Reasons include attractive pricing, good warranty conditions and the option to buy a new phone on instalment. According to Telenor sales data, this latter option is less utilized when purchasing low-end or mid-range models.

Customers know what they are looking for

According to survey results, customers often make preliminary inquiries on the internet before buying a new handset. They visit price comparison sites and read handset tests and evaluations that make them better informed about the features of different handsets. Based on Telenor’s experience, key decision-making criteria include price, battery capacity, camera, processor and display size. Interestingly, Telenor sees a rising demand for higher memory capacity including both inner storage space for storing images, videos and music and more RAM memory for smoothly running apps.

Design and colour seem to be less important for customers, as shown by the answers of those planning a mobile phone purchase (although women attribute higher importance to colour than men). Nevertheless, more and more customers prefer alternative colours (white, blue or gold) to black. In terms of vendors, the handset models of market-leading Samsung, Apple and Huawei are the most popular, but demand is growing also for Nokia and Xiaomi models. Xiaomi devices were first introduced to the Hungarian market by Telenor among mobile operators.

Overall, Telenor finds that customers increasingly make an informed decision when buying a new handset. Even if they don’t have a specific model in mind, they know what they want to use their new mobile phone for and what features they need. Yet, many customers still rely on their operator’s recommendation when trying to find the smartphone best suited to their needs.

Handset insurance and accessories also sell well

Based on Telenor’s data, handset insurance is taken out and accessories are purchased by more people than usual in the Christmas season. Of smartphone accessories, protective cases and foils, as well as memory cards and earphones are the most popular. Other product categories in high demand include fitness trackers, while smartphone VR headsets seem to be losing their popularity.

As part of its special Christmas offer, Telenor provides all its mobile phones with an upfront payment of HUF 0 to customers with a Telenor Blue+ tariff and a 2-year contract3. In addition, 10 premium handsets are also available at a price of HUF 0 to customers selecting specific Telenor Blue+ tariffs and signing a 2-year contract. Besides popular accessories, Telenor’s portfolio now includes gift products such as smart toothbrushes, smart watches and music accessories. To give new handset owners an opportunity to try Hipernet, Telenor offers them a Christmas gift to be activated by 20 December. As part of this offer, customers can decide whether they want to use unlimited airtime or unlimited domestic mobile data during the 3 days between 24 and 26 December.

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