Official announcement of the PPF Group

PPF Group announces that it has named Ladislav Bartonicek, one of PPF Group’s shareholders, to manage all PPF Group’s activities on behalf of the deceased Petr Kellner.

Teams of professional managers run individual companies of PPF Group and will continue to do so under the leadership of Ladislav Bartonicek. As a whole, PPF Group has a detailed system in place to manage its investment projects. The company states that its founder’s passing away has no impact on PPF Group’s day-to-day functioning. PPF Group will continue moving forward its investment plans and visions formulated by Petr Kellner with his team of colleagues.

Bartonicek Ladislav

PPF Group wants to express its gratitude for the condolences, well wishes, and prayers expressed so far to the bereaved. The condolences can be sent by post to Office of Petr Kellner, Evropska 17, 160 00 Prague 1604, Czech Republic, or via email