A few clicks instead of using protective gear

Telenor supports online services with simplified workflows and a series of video spots

The number of personal interactions has declined while the use of online sales and customer service has grown since the lockdown was announced. Telenor has launched several new and simplified features on its online platforms to help customers further reduce personal contact posing a health hazard in the current pandemic situation.

The rules for wearing mandatory protective gear and social distancing have been in effect in Telenor stores both for employees and visitors since early March. These special rules were accepted by most customers, but reducing the number of people visiting stores in person is a common social goal. Most of the activities conducted onsite can be managed online, and more advanced internet users had a preference for this option already in pre-pandemic times. Telenor’s recent innovations aim to make the benefits of these convenient and safe online alternatives available also to those using traditional customer service before. Offering an ability to navigate on Telenor platforms more easily, they are an attractive option also to internet newbies.

Simplified bill payment: Telenor customers can help each other in the online space

Online card payment (through a mobile app or online customer service), bank transfer and direct debit account for the majority of bill payment transactions at Telenor. Nevertheless, a lot of people still insist on paying their mobile phone bills by postal check. Under the newly introduced simplified bill payment workflow, customers can pay their bills through the website telenor.hu without registration which makes the process easier than ever. This feature can be used by people to help elderly relatives or other customers in need of assistance normally using the postal check option to further reduce the number of payment-related personal interactions.

Trainers and tutorials to help newcomers 

In addition to simplifying internet-based customer service platforms and workflows, Telenor has also produced a series of tutorial videos focusing on the most popular types of online transactions. These videos introduce customers to the most efficient way of managing the given transaction process. The tutorials aim to help those who want to shift to the online channel in response to the current situation.

Customers will be supported by Telenor employees and tutorials to find their ways on online platforms, understand the features available and manage their subscriptions from the comfort and safety of their homes.

If the type of action you want to complete is included in the list below, you don’t have to put on your protective gear

  • For balance inquiries, bill payment or top-up, all you need to give is your phone number and the amount of your bill/top-up
    • using online card payment, you can pay an bill for yourself, your friends or an elderly family member
  • Ordering a data ticket, a voice ticket and other supplementary services
  • Changing your tariff, making inquiries about prepaid offers and ordering them
  • Extending your commitment, even through buying a new handset
  • Upcoming new features: prepaid-to-postpaid migration, immediate access to help from Telenor’s online operators in special case types on our website without registration

Useful links
Information for consumers on online customer service: www.telenor.hu/online-ugyintezes
Information on SME customer service: www.telenor.hu/uzleti/online-ugyintezes
Available episodes of the video series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSeIVrFTMNWVwgFnW2GgX51PYsfS5X0rT