Online quiz and chatbot from Telenor on Safer Internet Day

Where can the victims of online abuse get help? Is there a situation when you don’t have to ask for people’s permission to take a photo or video of them? You can test your internet skills by answering such and similar questions in the online test published by Telenor on Safer Internet Day. Teenagers can learn more about online safety in a playful way using the chatbot app “ChatStory – Your Story”.

Completing Telenor’s online self-test about internet usage habits ( people of any age can put their knowledge to the test about several subjects related to responsible internet use such as data protection or online threat management.

To users older than 13, Telenor also offers chatbot app “ChatStory – Your Story” available in Messenger’s browser. This app educates users on the potential threats of the online space and highlights the implications of having a digital footprint and the importance of privacy using the situation of online dating in an entertaining way. Making decisions, players can shape the story told by the chatbot.

Telenor Hungary makes it its mission to leverage advanced technologies for promoting digital education and improve children’s online safety awareness. Its related initiatives reached more than 13,000 young people across Hungary in 2018.

Last year, Telenor joined the Digital Week programme series through its digital education initiative Hipersuli. During Digital week, its volunteers took online safety education to several schools across the country. Telenor volunteers also participated in an interactive programme organized together with the Momentán Ensemble and TanárBlog experts educating secondary school students on responsible internet use through an improvisational theatre performance featuring playful exercises. In addition, several Telenor employees took the initiative and held internet awareness sessions in their children’s schools using Hipersuli TudatosNet teaching resources. These resources are available to anyone after an easy and free registration on the website, under the “TudatosNet Belépés” menu.

Telenor’s responsible internet use sessions are also available in the MOBIDIK (Mobile Digital School) programme where schoolchildren are offered an opportunity to discuss this subject with experts in container classrooms.