Smart devices are used more and are damaged more often

New service: Telenor offers device insurance for used mobile phones and select accessories

Based on data from the National Statistical Office (KSH) and Telenor Hungary, the number of hours spent by Hungarians using their smart devices has been on the rise over the past 2 years. As a result of the increasing role of mobile phones and more responsible planning, more and more users take out an insurance for their mobile phones and accessories with their mobile operator. In response to changing customer needs, Telenor now offers insurance schemes for used mobile phones (including those purchased elsewhere) and other devices with an IMEI or serial number such as tablets and smart watches both to consumers and business customers.

KSH reported that the total time spent using mobile phones increased by 11% and 19% in 2020 and 2021, respectively, partly due to the pandemic. At the same time, the risk of failure and accidents also grew, as well as the severity of the resulting damage. Based on the experience of Telenor Hungary, most such incidents are caused by dropping or exposure to water while cooking, cleaning or bathing a child. Accidents leading to serious damage are also common during construction projects, on the road or while partying. It is good to know that depending on the selected scheme, such incidents may also be covered under the terms of an insurance.

As of September 2021, Telenor is expanding the range of devices eligible for insurance. The new insurance offer is made special by the fact that in addition to new mobile phones purchased from Telenor, it can be taken out also for the following products:

•    tablets and accessories with a serial number
•    handsets purchased from Telenor but already used at the time of signing the insurance contract
•    tablets and accessories purchased in Telenor shops not later than 6 months before the date of insurance
•    handsets purchased not from Telenor included in the list of eligible mobile phones

The monthly premium for device insurance starts from HUF 390 and new insurance contracts automatically start with a free month, that is, the insurance premium has to be paid only from the second month. The monthly premium for mobile phones, tablets or accessories always depends on the value of the product and the selected insurance scheme.

Warranty is not affected by the insurance, and the maximum insurance term is 60 days. Depending on the scheme, the insurance covers a wide range of insurance events including accidental damage (dropping, breakage, sudden exposure to liquid, etc.), theft, moisture damage, post-warranty internal failure. One consumer or business customer can have several devices and accessories insured.

For more information about insurance details please visit You can take out an insurance for a new handset also online. An insurance contract for used mobile phones, smart devices and other accessories can be signed only in Telenor shops for the time being.