Telenor offers 100GB extra Hipernet or double data in summer promotion

Extra services can be ordered online without direct contact

Summer is traditionally a heavy-usage period for mobile internet. Although this summer is likely to be rather uncommon due to the coronavirus pandemic, Telenor will still provide extra data to contribute to its customers’ carefree holidays. Existing prepaid and postpaid customers will be eligible for double data, while new postpaid customers will get 100GB of extra Hipernet.

New customers

Customers signing a new contract for a Hiper tariff with commitment between 2 June and 19 August will be eligible for an extra 100GB of Hipernet. The extra 100GB is provided through a one-time domestic data ticket valid for 30 days that can be activated with the promotion code included with the new subscription at the website before 31 August. This offer applies both to new customers and existing customers who migrate from prepaid to postpaid.

If you don’t need so much data, you can give your data as a gift to others. The promotion code can be transferred to any Telenor customer with a public postpaid subscription. If you want to avoid personal contact due to the coronavirus situation, they can sign a new contract at as shown in our video tutorial.

Telenor nyár Hipernet

Existing prepaid and postpaid Telenor customers

Between 2 June and 19 August, those with an existing postpaid consumer tariff can buy a one-time data ticket with a 10% discount through the MyTelenor app. The data provided with our data tickets will also be doubled. That is, buying a 1GB one-time data ticket, you can use 2GB of data for HUF 981 instead of HUF 1,090; or buying a 5GB one-time data ticket you can use 10GB data for HUF 2,691 instead of HUF 2,990. The total data volume received with 1+1, 3+3 and 5+5GB data tickets can be used both in Hungary and in other EU countries. For 15+15GB tickets 17GB, while for 100+100GB tickets, 20.2GB data can be used in EU countries.

In the same period, prepaid customers will get double data for 2 months if they buy a recurring data ticket or a recurring 2in1 combined airtime and mobile internet plan, or already have one and activate the double data option through the MyTelenor app. The data allowance can be used both in Hungary and in the EU.

There are also some discount handsets available under the promotion. The Samsung Galaxy A41 featuring an enhanced camera is available with an upfront payment of HUF0 on a 22-month instalment plan for HUF 899 per month with Hiper M tariffs, a monthly fee of HUF 9,490, 2-year commitment, the e-Komfort option and advance payment.

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