Powerful videos about Internet threats for young people from young people

Telenor and DUE Media Network reward student journalists

How to prevent cyberbullying and what physical or mental threats can mobile addiction cause? The winners of NetBiztos award programme launched by DUE Media Network and Telenor covered such issues in their videos. Award winners were announced at the DUE National Youth Media Festival on 28 May.

In the award programme, young people aged 12-22 were invited to submit short videos either on online safety or on the creative use of Internet in learning. DUE Media Network of young journalists and Telenor have been running this annual award programme for several years to raise students’ awareness of the importance of online safety through the eyes of their peers.

The three winning videos selected by the professional jury highlighted the individual and social risks of excessive Internet use and cyberbullying. Telenor has rewarded the winners with smart devices and a Hipernet subscription.

First prize winner Blanka Vincze-Hajnal created an awareness video titled Felhő (Cloud). Besides showing the potentially life-threatening consequences of distraction caused by mobile handset use in a creative way, she also warns in her video against making hasty judgements.

The second prize went to Tibor Gasparovszky for his video titled Jerikó using a special atmosphere and imagery to highlight the individual and social impact of excessive and irresponsible Internet use including isolation and impersonalization.

Third prize winner András Bogár-Szabó’s video titled Te melyik vagy? (Which are you?) uses creative visuals to effectively demonstrate how responsible Internet use can prevent cyberbullying when somebody’s photo is used without authorization.

It is part of Telenor’s mission to promote digital education and strengthen children’s online safety skills using its nationwide Hipernet network and state-of-the-art technologies. This goal is supported by the NetBiztos award programme and digital education programme Hipersuli. Under this latter programme, Telenor volunteers regularly hold training sessions on online safety in primary and secondary schools across the country. Telenor’s TudatosNet e-learning course is available to anyone with free and fast registration under the “TudatosNet Belépés” menu of the website www.hipersuli.hu.