Telenor employees get a day off for being vaccinated

Vaccinated colleagues get an extra paid holiday

To increase the vaccination rate and promote the willingness to get vaccinated, Telenor has joined companies that give their vaccinated employees a day off. In line with this, every colleague who decides to get a COVID-19 vaccine gets an extra paid holiday after receiving their first dose.

In March last year, Telenor was one of the first large enterprises ordering a full home office regime for its employees. Since then, the staff of the Törökbálint HQ have been working 100% from home with some minor interruptions. The company considers a high vaccination rate very important, as it will be able to make a responsible decision about reopening its offices if as many colleagues get vaccinated and gain immunity to COVID-19 as possible. With this step, Telenor wants to encourage other companies to follow its example to help achieve a high vaccination rate.

At the company, every employee who decides to get a COVID-19 vaccine gets an extra paid holiday after receiving their first dose. They can use the extra day off until 31 December 2021. With this incentive, Telenor encourages colleagues to consider registration for the vaccine to help contain the virus.

Telenor has also created an anonymous voluntary questionnaire for employees to share their vaccination-related experience. This questionnaire enables the company to monitor the number of employees vaccinated and get a comprehensive view of the company vaccination rate. Of the nearly 600 people who filled the questionnaire to date, more than 80% registered for the vaccine and roughly 65% have already received their first shot.

“Based on the feedback received, colleagues increasingly suffer from the lack of physical presence. More and more of them feel the need for collaboration, working together, physical or at least hybrid presence badly. With the vaccination rate increasing, we hope to be able to soon start reopening our offices gradually, following strict rules,” said Judit Endrei-Kiss, Chief HR Officer of Telenor.