Telenor gives more extra services to Hiper customers

Telenor’s Hiper tariffs now offer customers more than a normal mobile tariff plan. The mobile operator provides new subscription-related services and extra offers to Hiper customers. Besides exclusive offers and handset services, they can also use express lane service at the call center. Having adjusted these extra services and benefits in response to customer feedback, Telenor wants to provide its Hiper customers with an outstanding customer experience.

M Net and M Talk, L, L+ and XXL postpaid consumer Hiper tariffs offer an ideal solution to customers whether they need unlimited airtime or a high mobile data allowance. From now on, Telenor is expanding the range of benefits and convenience services available to these customers by default. Existing and new Hiper customers can use these benefits in three fields:

More exclusive offers

Based on Telenor’s survey, customers have a strong demand for handset discounts. As a result, exclusive Hiper offers will include several HUF0 handsets available only to Hiper customers.

The HiperGroup (HiperCsoport) service enables Hiper customers to merge two or more Hiper tariff plans with an active commitment into a HiperGroup providing them with more benefits including up to 15% off from the monthly fee and unlimited airtime for calls within the group.

More handset services

A new service for Hiper customers is a trade-off option when buying a new handset. If they want to get a new handset, they don’t have to wait until their commitment expires but can replace their handset purchased with their Hiper tariff once a year with the price of their old handset subtracted from the price of the new one.

If a handset purchased with a customer’s Hiper tariff is damaged, Telenor provides free courier collection, that is, the handset to repair is collected from and then it is returned to the customer’s home by a courier who even delivers a replacement handset upon request.

More convenience services

According to Telenor’s survey results, customers demand and highly appreciate priority customer service. As a result, Telenor has made it easier for Hiper customers to access its services. They can use express lane service at the call center to save valuable time.
“Most of our Hiper customers have been with Telenor for at least 3 years while one in three have been a Telenor customer for at least 15 years. For this reason, our new Hiper extra services aim not only to provide an outstanding customer experience to Hiper customers, but also to reward them for their loyalty. We at Telenor want to enable customers to make the most of their talent and potentials, and we provide high-quality services and discount offers to support that”, said Mohamed ElSayad, Chief Commercial Officer of Telenor.

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