Telenor launches city exploration chatbot exposing the country’s hidden treasures

Why does Liutenant Columbo have a statue in Budapest? What happens if you walk by musician Pista Dankó’s statue in Szeged? And why did the 19th century writer Jókai drive his cattle from District 8, Budapest to Hűvösvölgy every year? Telenor’s chatbot called Hipernet TúraBOT adds excitement to monotonous city walks and reveals the hidden stories and treasures of 5 Hungarian cities using Facebook Messenger. The city walks were developed by Telenor’s partner, urban adventure company Hosszúlépés.

Those interested in culture and the exciting stories of the past usually consult libraries, visit museums and surf the Internet to learn more about such things. Rediscovering the treasures of the past offers a real refreshment amidst the flood of information. Telenor thought that this summer it would invite people to explore, show them the opportunities offered by Hipernet and give them access to special experiences they didn't even know existed in their close environment. All you need to enjoy the experience is a common everyday tool and platform: your mobile phone and Messenger chat.

The Hipernet TúraBOT chatbot app is available in the Facebook Messenger app to anyone including non-Telenor customers free of charge. To launch the app, you need to search for the name Hipernet TúraBOT or click on The app offers 13 city walks in five cities including Balatonfüred, Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged and Pécs that can be covered through exchanging messages with the chatbot. 

The walks were developed by Telenor’s partner, Hosszúlépés, an urban adventure company  organizing thematic walking tours in Budapest. The fascinating details collected about the individual stops with exhaustive research (e.g. gerilla statues, dramatic sites, architecture, pop culture) were transformed into entertaining and informative audio-visual content by a team of passionate photographers, illustrators and copywriters. 
Tour guidance is provided by chatbot messages. Users can navigate between the stops based on maps, photos and gif files and can chose whether they want to listen to or read the story of the given sight. The 2- to 2.5-kilometre walks can be covered in 90 minutes to 2 hours at a relaxed walking pace allowing you to see your environment through new eyes and get lots of new experiences in a short time. Hipernet TúraBOT can be used free of charge but wifi or mobile internet connection is necessary which may entail costs, according to the user’s tariff package.

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