Telenor’s new campaign presents hyper-fast growth stories

Building on the concept of the #nagyonte platform launched this summer, Telenor’s new campaign conveys the message that the things you get engaged with, love and enjoy doing will all add something to your personality. And Telenor’s network gives you a hyper-fast lane for such personal growth. It may well happen that seeing some concert videos you start watching tutorials and then suddenly find yourself playing in a garage band.

The campaign focuses on Hipernet, Telenor’s hyper-fast network, where even a seemingly useless scroll or a few random video finds may turn out to be an experience that adds to your personality. The campaign is about speed but it is not stuck with MB/s values. Instead, it aims to highlight the endless experiences and opportunities provided by Hipernet. 

“We don’t want to tell people how and for what they should use the internet. We want to show them the opportunities provided by a hyper-fast network: the wealth of experience, knowledge and relationships Hipernet can give to them. We demonstrate that, no matter how surprising it may sound, data usage can have lots of positive outcomes. It can enable us, for example, to constantly acquire new skills, build or maintain cross-generational relationships, that is, it can add to our personality”, said Tímea Cséky, Telenor’s Marketing Communication Team Leader. 

The campaign concept will be communicated in three 20-second TV spots, each presenting a hyper-fast growth story. 

“To maintain close human relationships, you need not only a stable network but also lightning-fast communication. This is what Telenor’s Hipernet network provides to you. It takes everybody closer to the things important to them in a hyper-fast manner. All platforms supporting the campaign will feature our renewed Hipernet logo. The fresh design was developed with a streamlined and future-proof solution in mind. We also wanted the new image to reflect speed, one of Hipernet’s key pillars and one of our most tangible values for our customers”, said Ádám Major, Marketing Communication Manager of Telenor. 

Hungarian mobile internet users have no reason to complain as Hungarian mobile networks rank among the world’s fastest networks in terms of download speed. Telenor keeps further developing its network infrastructure to ensure a continued hyper-fast experience for its customers. This year, it has focused its efforts on the Balaton region among others, and it will continue network development to keep Hipernet lightning-fast across the country.

Ad spots included in the campaign:

Campaign Group Lead Senior Consultant: Tímea Cséky
Marketing Communication Manager: Szabina Mitter, Ádám Major 
Creative agency: Artificial Group
Head of Creative Management: Attila  Haberland 
Creative Director: Vera Länger, Gergő Horváth 
Account Director: Imola Kaszta 
Account Manager: Réka Antal 
Agency producer: Zsófia Englert 
Art Director: Gróf
Creative Copywriter: Nóra Judit Kovács 

Junior Production Manager: Dániel Büki 
Senior Motion Designer: Péter Tiba 
Motion Designer: Máté Mészáros, Ádám Négyesi 
Graphic Designer: Csaba Ibos 
Director: Viktor Horváth 
Producer: Péter Ráday, Kinomoto
DOP: Kristóf Becsey 
Gyártásvezező: Fanni Verbovszki 
Art director: Richard Illes 
1st AD: Zsolt Vereckei 
Editor: Erik Barta 
Colorist: Eszter Nagy