Telenor to launch cyber security and optical fixed-line services

Operator announces new services for SMBs and large enterprises

In addition to mobile-based services, Telenor is now offering its business customers two new IT solutions. Optical fixed-line internet access of up to 1 Gbps and a managed firewall service providing an up-to-date and high level of IT security will be available from the operator as of early October.

The impact of the pandemic and increased online presence have made it clear that digitally mature companies can better adapt to the changing environment. Remote access to the corporate network and secure teleworking are now essential for virtually every company to ensure business continuity. Known primarily about its mobile-based business solutions, Telenor decided to expand its service portfolio offered to business customers and launched leased line service Hiperline last November. Following the service targeted mostly at large enterprises, now it is launching two new services in early October including a managed firewall service enhancing cybersecurity for medium-sized and large enterprise customers and an optical fixed-line internet service for SMBs.

Cybersecurity 2021 – managed firewall service

While the internet is becoming an integral part of business in virtually every industry and growth often results in more sites and more complex IT tasks to cater for, skills shortage makes ongoing management and professional data security an insurmountable task for many businesses. In IT, firewall solutions aim to prevent network intrusion and ensure safe data transfer within the internal company network or towards the internet. Large enterprises usually build their firewall themselves using their own resources, taking care of all necessary hardware investments, software licences and IT staff. For a firewall to provide effective protection, round-the-clock management and monitoring are an absolute must.

Telenor’s managed firewall service is made special by the fact that all components of the firewall service providing a high level of IT security are available without any upfront capital investment in a leasing scheme with monthly payment. The service includes intrusion protection, quick detection, alarm and intervention, with round-the-clock management in Hungarian, as an option. This is a practical and cost-effective solution even for large enterprises. For medium-sized businesses, it offers high-level, up-to-date active management that most companies of this segment couldn’t afford using their own resources. The technical infrastructure for the managed firewall service is provided by 4iG Nyrt. and it is sold to customers by Telenor.

Optical fixed-line internet access to SMBs

Starting from early October, Telenor is offering new services including IrodaNet 300 and IrodaNet 1000 to SMB customers. The smaller tariff offers a download speed of 300 Mbps and an upload speed of 75 Mbps, while the bigger one offers a download and upload speed of 1,000 Mbps. Under the launch promotion, IrodaNet customers making a 24-month commitment get 50% off the monthly fee in the first three months. The IrodaNet service is available to both existing and new Telenor customers. When combined with mobile services, they make customers eligible for additional discounts.

Customers can combine the IrodaNet optical fixed-line internet service with a fixed IP address and a Mesh Router solution as an option. A fixed IP address is an ideal solution for customers running their own server workloads at their site (FTP access, mail services, own webshop, etc.) or working in an environment where a fixed IP address is required for using the secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). The Mesh Router solution enables the routers connected to IrodaNet and located at several points of a more complex or multi-storey interior full of twists and turns to provide a balanced Wi-Fi signal even at hidden remote parts of the building and ensure stable internet access for users to work smoothly.

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