Telenor Hungary and RTL Hungary continue successful partnership

Under a new agreement entered into by the two companies, Telenor MyTV subscribers will maintain their access to RTL’s Most+ exclusive content. Users of the online platform will be able to watch the episodes of several popular series before they are aired on TV. 

RTL Hungary Group member CLT-UFA HBD and Telenor Hungary have signed a new agreement. In 2019, Telenor MyTV was the first online television service making the exclusive content of RTL Most+ available to its subscribers. Both parties have been committed to providing customers with premium quality services and high-value content. In the next phase of their successful partnership, the parties entered into a new agreement. Under the new agreement, Telenor MyTV subscribers will maintain access to the regularly updated content of RTL Most+. 

Providing a unique user experience, the dynamically growing RTL Most+ platform aims to expand the offering of telecommunications and cable companies in line with modern content consumption needs. The platform makes RTL Hungary channels available in HD quality and subscribers can also use Chromecast support. 

“Multi-screen entertainment is now a basic expectation. We are very pleased that building on our successful partnership and the proven popularity of RTL Most+ we will continue to have Telenor Hungary as our partner and MyTV subscribers will maintain access to the content available on the RTL Most+,” said Judit Grósz, Digital and Business Development Director of RTL Hungary. 

“The future of entertainment depends on currently available services. Partner services such as RTL Most+ serve as the foundation the future of television can build on. This is why it is very important that RTL Most+ will continue to be available to our customers. We keep enhancing our services to elevate them to the next level of entertainment which requires a stable platform to rely on,” said Balázs Birck, Home Services Director of Telenor Hungary. 

Exclusive content for the autumn

The RTL Most+ platform will offer exclusive content also this autumn providing guaranteed entertainment to Telenor MyTV subscribers. The first episode of the last season of Dear Heirs will be available to them already from 18 September. The users of the online platform will be able to watch the episodes of the popular series one day before they are aired on television. 

Starting from 25 September, RTL Most+ will make some popular old RTL Klub series available again. The first one will be Side Effect (Mellékhatás) to be followed by Good Guys (Jófiúk) on 9 October and Underworld (Alvilág), selected as the best series in the Hungarian Film Award program for 2020, on 23 October. The episodes of these series will be available to watch for one month each. 

Starting form 4 October, the latest episodes of the popular ladies’ talk show of the AMC Networks Spektrum Home channel titled NőComment will be added to the RTL Most+ platform one week before they are aired on TV. 

Starting from 23 October, a new genre titled “True Crime Stories” will be added to RTL Most+’s offering. The fans of thrillers and crime documentaries can browse content such as RTL Klub’s criminal report magazine titled Guilty Souls (Bűnös lelkek), Manson: The Lost Tapes, Fatal Attraction, Columbus Circle, Buried Sins (Elásott bűnök).

Those interested in daily news can watch a short summary of the latest events at 10:00 p.m. before the late-night News on RTL Most+ every weekday.