Telenor launches podcast series on parenting in a mobile world

How can a parent become part of their child’s digital life? How much should you as a parent get involved, gain insight into your child’s daily digital activities? What is the best age for your child to get a smartphone? Such issues are discussed by dr. Dániel Tóth, psychologist, and Balázs Koren, teacher of mathematics, father and head of HiperSuli program, in Telenor’s new podcast series. 

No matter whether a parent buys a smartphone – and, with that, provides access to the internet and online communities – for their child surrendering to social and community pressure or with the best intentions, most of them have no idea what exactly their child does on the internet. They can’t decide whether it is right or wrong, whether their children are safe or unsafe on the internet, and if it is useful for them to stare at the display for a long time or it makes them dumb. With a mobile phone, a child gets a tool that is part of their private lives from the first moment. As it is up to the child to decide about most of the events running on their smartphone, it belongs to their private space similarly to a diary. In the same way as you don’t read your child’s diary, you shouldn’t closely control them using their mobile phone, especially without them knowing it. Nevertheless, you probably would like to know what’s going on in their mobile world, what they are concerned about, what challenges they face and need help with. It is not easy to find out how you as a parent can be an active and supporting player or partner in your child’s digital existence. 

Telenor is now launching a podcast series about responsible internet use and parental control. The first two episodes are now available featuring dr. Dániel Tóth, psychologist, and Balázs Koren, head of Telenor’s digital education program Hipersuli. How can you be a cool gamer parent? Is this really the right question to ask? 

Podcasts, that is, expert talks similar to recorded radio shows typically available as a series are highly popular again. The format provides a great opportunity to learn more about interesting subjects while driving, doing your workout or some leisure activity that allows you to pay attention to the content. You can rewind a podcast any time, listen to it again, or share it. You can subscribe to your favourite podcast channels with one click no to miss the next episode.

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