Telenor offers discounts and free services to help businesses get back to normal

Easy-to-access professional online environment for returning to business as usual

Telenor’s latest Otthonline plan provides unlimited browsing and e-mail both at home and in the office, useful Office 365 features and F-Secure IT security solutions. The offer scalable to companies of all sizes from micro businesses to large enterprises supports the establishment of a professional online business environment from minimum investment. Telenor now provides various early-bird discounts to make the offer even more attractive. 

Telenor has been actively supporting businesses in adapting to the changed environment since the beginning of the quarantine period. While  digital maturity and propensity to invest tend to vary at companies of different sizes, the importance of online communication and collaboration has grown tremendously in all segments. Facing a sudden change in operating conditions, all companies wanted to implement long-term solutions. At the beginning, smaller businesses had a preference for free solutions accepting the inconvenience caused by distracting ads and changing quality. The initial experience of the quarantine period, however, later helped them pinpoint their user requirements.

By now, companies in all segments have realized that they demand high quality and reliable services. Telenor has developed its Otthonline plan with these needs in mind. The offer’s key component is Hipernet-based big screen internet access available at any site with a router. The plan includes unlimited browsing and e-mail, a domestic data allowance of 100GB to 500GB and a 50% discount on the monthly fee in the first 6 months. Customers can select either a low capacity or a higher capacity mobile Wi-Fi router and a Wi-Fi repeater free of charge to match their plan. The solution enables them to better adapt to the changing situation as it can be used anywhere including their office, their home and office-turned-holiday home or even at varying sites within Hungary. 

Optional additions to Otthonline include the Office 365 professional e-mail and calendar environment (without commitment) and a Teams desktop application to support video conferences with up to 300 participants, professional file management and online collaboration, as well as browser-based versions of Word, Excel and Power Point. The devices using the Otthonline plan (laptop and smartphone) can be protected using the optional F-Secure IT security service available for the first 6 months free of charge, without commitment. 


Telenor designed Otthonline keeping not only service quality but also the current economic situation in mind. The big screen internet access available in all plans offers unlimited browsing and e-mail combined with a domestic data allowance of 100GB to 500GB for a net monthly fee of HUF 6,500 to 12,500 with a 2-year commitment. Customers get a 50% discount on their monthly fee in the first 6 months. The Office 365 applications available without a commitment cost HUF 1,340 per month net, while the F-Secure IT security solution is free in the first 6 months and later it costs HUF 590 per month net. Otthonline is available both to existing and new Telenor business customers. 

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