There is a hidden desire for a balanced life behind every success – VIDEO

How to learn from each other’s successes? Is there a secret formula to success? How to manage failure? There is no silver bullet and you probably don’t need one. You only have to find the successes important for you and learn how to celebrate your results. Judit Péterfi explored the many facets of success with her guests at Telenor’s roundtable discussion on Women’s Day.

Nearly 25,000 fit mums, more than 20 theatre awards, 1,800,000 viewers on YouTube, 16,000 full bags and over 1,000 motivated employees day by day. Success is easy to measure by numbers, but behind the numbers you always have the will to be the best version of yourself every day. 

First step: openness 

“Be curious and be open to others’ ideas”, said actress Adél Kováts, Director of Radnóti Theatre, who follows this approach whenever making an important decision. “Self-education, openness and hard work always bear fruit, but you can never know when talent explodes”. She believes that besides the desire to explore, the ability to stay motivated in the daily clutter is also a success factor. 

It is not always that easy to stay motivated though. Overcoming this challenge was a major driving force for Nóra Kádár-Papp, founder of the Gyerünk, anyukám! (Come on, Mum!) movement, an online gym for mothers of young children, when making a new start in her life. Nóra started a new business during a crisis in her private life when she faced a major life choice after the birth of her children. She was dissatisfied with several aspects of her life and found it very difficult to start something new. That time, she didn’t know that her will and courage can motivate others. “This program brought stability to my life and it also feels good that I can give a tool to others to help them be happier. I also learnt in the meantime that I shouldn’t compare myself to others. For me, this is success.” 

Changing course or taking a new path 

In her television show “Sikerszféra” Judit Péterfi has been passionately exploring the theme of success. Based on her experience, change always comes with doubt and fear and people are often afraid of the unknown. “Through the stories of my interviewees I see that if you can overcome your fears with hard work and lots of patience, you can dispel your doubts, spread your wings and continue to soar”, said Judit. 

Driven by their social sensitivity, Alexandra Cserta and her partners launched the #noluxurybag campaign to raise awareness of female poverty that prevents many women from buying the most essential hygiene supplies. “For me, success can have many layers. It is success when teenage girls rush to help us fill bags after their classes at school or when my husband and I can count on each other in the busiest times. It is also important for me to value these moments, live the ‘now’ rather than start thinking immediately about the next goal”, said Szandra about the #noluxurybag campaign.

 Be your truest self 

You can also realize your potentials when working for a large enterprise. At the workplaces of the future, it will be just natural for employees to make the most of their talents, and share their ideas or hobbies with each other. 

“We encourage our colleagues to identify opportunities, dare to act and be the truest to themselves. This is what makes us a family-friendly workplace, this is why we organize learning days to facilitate knowledge-sharing among colleagues and the Holy Craziness program allowing colleagues to share their inspiring non-work activities with each other”, said Diána Müller, Telenor Hungary’s Head of Organizational Development, summarizing her unit’s efforts. Her personal ambition is not only to create but also maintain generational diversity, gender balance and equal opportunities at the company. 
You can watch the video of the roundtable discussion on Telenor’s Facebook Page.