Telenor triples data for the smart watch of cars

Monthly data allowance of Drivey 4 tariff increased from 5GB to 15GB 

The Drivey service launched by Telenor in February makes cars smarter enabling the monitoring of information related to their position, movement and technical condition, the driving habits of their drivers and the routes used. Drivey can even be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot in the car. To make vehicle Wi-Fi usage even more carefree, Telenor increased the data allowance available in the Drivey 4 tariff plan from 5GB to 15GB for both old and new customers from 2 July.

Drivey – “the smart watch for cars”

The Drivey service is comprised of a gadget with a SIM card to be installed in the car and a related mobile app. The device can be connected to the OBD II port of the vehicle (available in every car manufactured since the early 2000s) and it sends data using a SIM card to the associated mobile app through Hipernet. The data collected include mileage, current speed, position and consumption, as well as information related to the driver’s driving habits and the vehicle’s technical condition. In the app, several vehicles can be monitored simultaneously. Due to the use of mobile internet, vehicle-related data are available in the app also when the driver is not in the car. The service also enables the 4G-based Drivey 4 to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot providing broadband internet access to passengers. As of 2 July, Telenor tripled the data allowance of the tariff from 5GB to 15GB for both existing and new customers giving more freedom to Drivey Wi-Fi users. 

“Drivey makes a difference not through its complexity and comprehensive features. It is a handy, easy-to-use and reliable solution for those who want to make their car smarter with a small investment, a preferred choice for private individuals, families and SMEs. We decided to significantly increase the data allowance included in the tariff to provide an even more valuable service and enable passengers to enjoy convenient data access through Drivey’s Wi-Fi also on longer journeys”, said Márton Homola, Telenor’s Digital Services Director. 

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