Telenor uses special disinfection procedure in key shops

The mobile operator wants to ensure continuous disinfection 

During the lockdown, the popularity of online self-service platforms grew tremendously. Since the lockdown was lifted, however, personal customer service has started to recover. Telenor shops now have more than twice as many visitors as a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, anti-COVID-19 measures are still in effect. To increase safety, Telenor has implemented a special colloidal silver disinfection procedure in 9 key shops.

Improving the safety of employees and customers in shops is a priority for Telenor, especially if a customer engages in personal interaction with shop staff. The telecommunications operator selected one of the most advanced technologies currently available to further this goal. Colloidal silver disinfection done using electrostatic machines is a highly environmentally friendly procedure that can reduce the pathogenicity of viruses living on the surface of objects for a period of 2 to 14 days achieving enhanced protection. 

“In the coronavirus situation, both customer experience and safety are key aspects of personal customer service. Besides taking mandatory precautions, we want to protect our customers and employees at the highest possible level. This is why we selected the colloidal silver procedure which is one of the most efficient methods to keep our shops thoroughly and continuously disinfected”, said Gábor Oláh, Consumer Sales Director of Telenor.

What is colloidal silver and how does it work? 

The disinfectant has two components including hydrogen peroxide with an oxidation potential and silver stabilizers forming a complex solution.  Its drops receiving a positive charge by electrostatic induction are attracted by the objects in their environment having a negative charge (e.g. furniture). This way, the solution can be effectively used, it provides an even coverage and can reach spots that are very difficult to access with traditional forms of cleaning. 
This disinfecting method is currently used in 8 shopping malls across the country and the recently refurbished iconic Telenor shop at Astoria, Budapest. Shops treated with colloidal silver are marked with a sticker at their entrance.