Telenor wins The Most Exemplary Employer Award

This year’s Effekt 2030 Awards presented

The Effekt 2030 Award recognizes companies’ exemplary, innovative, and effective environmental and social investment programs. In response to the situation created by the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers of the award program introduced a new category for ‘The Most Exemplary Employer’ that was awarded to Telenor Hungary. 

This year’s Effekt 2030 Awards were presented by the Effekteam Association at the conference titled “Community.Effect.Future – The 4 Faces of Corporate Responsibility”. This year, companies were able to apply not only in general categories, but also in the new ‘COVID-19 Solutions for Community’ subcategory created in response to the pandemic. Based on a unanimous decision by the jury of the award program, The Most Exemplary Employer Award went to Telenor for its #WEAREHEREFOREACHOTHER corporate care program launched during the lockdown.

After the lockdown was announced but before schools were shut down in Hungary, Telenor closed its HQ in Törökbálint and was among the first employers to introduce a home office regime for all employees with their safety in mind, except for those in critical positions. The company created the #WEAREHEREFOREACHOTHER concept and integrated it into both its external and internal messages. 

In 24 hours after the shutdown of schools was announced, the professional team of Telenor’s digital education program HiperSuli published a list of recommendations for teachers and parents to help them cope with the new situation. It also offered 100GB of free data to all of its prepaid and postpaid business customers and consumers. 

The company established a mental health support network for its colleagues and organized food home deliveries for employees and their families in a few days’ time. Webinars were held to educate managers on how to handle the home office regime in an efficient way, and nearly 700 colleagues were trained on how to strike a balance between remote work and psychological well-being. Weekly employee engagement surveys were conducted to identify key focus areas. 

“One of Telenor’s core corporate values is #oneteam. Our culture is based on collaboration, on supporting each other and celebrating our joint achievements at the end of the day. The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced this approach and increased our focus on solidarity. The Effekt 2030 Award recognizes our commitment to working together and supporting each other as one team during the COVID pandemic. And it makes us especially proud that this category attracted the largest number of applications in the program this year”, said Judit Endrei-Kiss, Chief HR Officer of Telenor Hungary.

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