Tips to brighten up your February

How to survive depressing winter months

The grey winter period is now more depressing than ever, as you always need to be on your guard to observe the rules: wear a mask, get home in time, reduce your contacts…In light of this, you should try and find the solutions that can help you break free of the barriers, be it an online party or the completion of an old plan. Since your smartphone can be a useful accessory for that, Telenor has compiled a list of tips that can help you survive February and may well fit in your tariff plan including unlimited domestic airtime or 100GB of domestic data.

Online cooking party

On the internet you can find a recipe for any meal from potato pasta to Beef Wellington, but if you are not an experienced cook, you can do with a little help. Throw an online cooking party with your friends and family. Select an exciting recipe, then call each other on the phone or in video chat and prepare it. This way, you can share not only the product of your efforts but also enjoy the cooking experience together and ask for instant phone support. Your hard work will be more than compensated by the delicious output when you can have dinner and a nice chat together. A four-hour dinner party generates 2GB data traffic on Zoom – which means you can have such an event every day of the month without depleting your 100GB data allowance. You only have to find a sufficient number of good recipes.


Go outdoors

Despite all the difficulties, a lot of people developed an interest in hiking and exercising last year. Although many of them are discouraged by the cold winter period, it is useful to go outdoors, have some exercise and let the steam off even when the weather is chilly. It is not a problem if you don’t have company. Going outdoors is a great opportunity to focus on your inner world a bit. You can hit the road with your favourite album or music list without worrying about data. You use 144MB of data on average in a music streaming service while hiking or running for an hour. If you go outdoors every day in February, it still sums up to only 4GB.

Movie marathon on your phone

The benefits of watching movies together include fresh popcorn and good friends to discuss the expected and unexpected turns of events. For this experience, however, you don’t even have to leave your home. Have a phone-based movie night during the weekend with your bestie. Select a film you like, agree on the starting time and grab some snacks and soft drinks. Stay online to share the best moments without leaving your favourite sofa or having to put up with the fidgeting and bag rustling of other movie goers. If you have an unlimited airtime included in your tariff plan, even falling asleep during the film is not a problem.

Self-development without any waste of time

In early January, many people decide to learn something new such as a foreign language or develop themselves in the new year. This infatuation, however, often burns out due to lack of time. But if it takes only 30 minutes to get to your workplace every morning, you spend commuting 20 hours a month. If you watch tutorial videos or listen to podcasts while on the go, you can make your new year resolution come true easily, without any waste of time. 100GB of data is enough to listen to 700 hours of podcasts.

In the past, it gave you a panic attack if you forgot to connect to Wi-Fi and used mobile internet instead at home or spent minutes with an accidental pocket call. Now with Telenor Hiper M Net including 100GB of domestic data and Hiper M Talk including unlimited domestic airtime, you no longer have to worry and can even make use of the above ideas without any extra cost.