US presidential election or COVID announcement by the Hungarian government – which has won the battle for domestic internet users’ attention?

1.5-fold increase in browser-type Hipernet data traffic

Important political events often generate record traffic for news sites and news aggregators reflecting how hungry Internet users are for information. The past two weeks were especially busy with the US presidential election and government announcements on the second wave of COVID generating a 1.5-fold increase in browser-type traffic on Hipernet. Based on Telenor’s analysis, Hungarian internet users have kept a close eye on international news but the announcement of Hungarian government measures still generated higher data traffic.

Telenor analysed browser-type traffic data measured in its mobile network in a daily breakdown. The analysis included both small-screen (mobile phone) and large-screen (desktop and laptop) Internet usage generated on Telenor’s network.

Announcement of COVID-related measures wins the battle for internet users’ attention

On the day of the US presidential election (Tuesday, 3 November) browser-type Hipernet traffic increased to nearly 1.5-fold (+42.9%) over the average data traffic of ordinary weekdays (baseline days of 27 and 28 October). On the day after the election when most results were announced, traffic was up by 42.2% relative to the baseline.

Browser-type mobile internet traffic

Average days – US presidential election – COVID government announcement 

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The next surge in browser data traffic was caused by the government announcement about the Hungarian COVID situation on 9 November, followed by the announcement of detailed rules and related news boosting data traffic again the day after (Tuesday, 10 November). On the peak day, browser-type Hipernet traffic was up by 57%  over the baseline. The momentum was sustained also on Wednesday with Hipernet traffic being 48% higher than on the Wednesday two weeks before considered the baseline.