Telenor launches VoLTE

The new technology featuring HD voice quality offers a call setup time 2 or 3 times faster than its predecessors.

The Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology recently launched by Telenor offers faster call setup and better voice quality enabling customers to simultaneously make a voice call and enjoy the benefits of Hipernet 4G data access.

Until now, Telenor’s 4G and 4G+-enabled network supported mobile data transfer only. Voice calls were based on 2G or 3G, that is, data services used during a voice call were also confined to this technology. Telenor’s newly launched service, VoLTE, also enables voice calls to be made on the operator’s 4G network.

Under a successful pilot project, Telenor tested VoLTE on a sample of 3,200 customers. Starting from 23 January 2019, Telenor will make this service available in 72 hours to any postpaid customer with a compatible smartphone running a Telenor-specific software. After this, it will continuously expand the range of its VoLTE-enabled handsets and will gradually roll out the service also to customers with 4G-enabled devices.

Telenor’s Hipernet services using the most state-of-the art technologies (4G, 4G+) are currently available to 99.5% of Hungary’s population based on geographical coverage. The new technology will further increase the utilization of the 4G network and make HD voice quality available in an even larger area. With VoLTE, customers can use the fastest 4G data network while in a voice call – for e.g. navigation, chat, music streaming or higher bandwidth services such as Telenor MyTV or YouTube.

Does VoLTE generate extra cost or data usage for customers?

VoLTE voice calls billed based on a minute rate don’t generate any meaningful data usage for customers, that is, they don’t reduce their mobile internet data allowance. This technology reduces call setup time by several seconds: the called party receives the call faster and incoming calls also appear on the display sooner.

“The call setup and connection time of a VoLTE call is much shorter than the typical 6 seconds. In technology terms, VoLTE is able to provide superior voice quality compared to previous technologies because it uses voice coding providing better output. This technology exceeds the capabilities of 2G/3G networks and makes a good use of the capacity of the Hipernet 4G network available to 99.5% of Hungarians”, said György Koller, Chief Technology Officer of Telenor Hungary.  

The technical solution required for the launch of VoLTE was fully delivered and implemented on a virtualized platform by Huawei Technologies. Software-level support for the service is provided by handset vendors.

The regularly updated list of VoLTE-enabled handsets is available on Telenor’s website.

When can customers enjoy the benefits of VoLTE technology?  

Accepting the latest software upgrades of device manufacturers, customers with an active data allowance will automatically make the listed handsets VoLTE-enabled.

1. Faster call setup

2. Concurrent use of several apps:

  • navigating and listening to music while making a voice call
  • using the internet while making a voice call
  • using chat, Facebook and downloading e-mail while making a phone call

3. Clearly improved voice quality


Telenor Hungary has completed major development projects in its mobile network in recent years to ensure the best quality on Hipernet across the country. As a result of these projects, now 99.5% of Hungary’s population have access to the services of Telenor’s mobile network using the most state-of-the art technologies (4G, 4G+). Offering a download rate of up to 300Mbps, the double of 4G, 4G+ is available at more than 1,000 Telenor base stations. Telenor is committed to taking broadband mobile internet also to small villages. Its 4G service is currently available in 2,700 villages with a population of less than 6,000. The company wants to provide seamless coverage also in rooms several walls away from the street. As a result, 95% of all Hungarians can now enjoy outstanding deep indoor 4G coverage.