Winning videos of this year’s NetBiztos competition focus on social media threats and online safety

The winning videos of this year’s NetBiztos competition announced by DUE Media Network and Telenor Hungary focus on potentially fatal internet challenges and data theft. The prizes will be presented to winners at DUE National Youth Media Festival.

The NetBiztos competition has been announced annually by DUE Media Network and Telenor since 2015 to encourage young people to produce videos on responsible internet use and share useful knowledge with their peers. This year, young creators aged 12 to 22 were invited to submit videos of up to 3 minutes on two subjects: online safety and the creative use of the internet for studying.

The professional jury selected three winners whose prizes include smart devices and mobile internet subscriptions provided by Telenor.

The first prize goes to Marcell Dávid Márkus, student of Nagyatádi Ady Endre Secondary School of Kaposvári Vocational Training Center, whose video titled P W N E D helps users find out whether their e-mail address and password fell victim to a phishing attack, and shows how to prevent data theft. The jury considers this video useful content for both adults and young people.

The runner-up is Hédi Nguyen, student of ELTE Radnóti Miklós Secondary School, Budapest. Her video titled TUDTAD? (DID YOU KNOW?) uses stop motion technique to provide information and advice on how to protect your personal data and select a secure password in an innovative and easy-to-understand way.

András Körtési, student of the Faculty of Science of Eötvös Loránd University, won the third prize with his video titled #XYChallenge presenting the potentially fatal threats of internet challenges popular with young people in a powerful way and using a highly sophisticated technique.

Telenor has been working for a long time to offer not only a high-quality mobile service but also useful knowledge about responsible internet use. Its digital education program HiperSuli now supports teachers in making their classes more efficient and enjoyable using digital devices and platforms in 50 schools across the country. The TudatosNet initiative provides videos, classroom-based sessions and events to educate students, teachers and parents about online threats and the ways to prevent them.

In addition, Telenor also supports the Hungarian distribution of Czech documentary titled Caught in the Net about sexual predators on the internet. The film is shown in cinemas in two versions including one for over 12-year-olds and another one for over 18-year-olds. The former version is also shown in some schools.