“You call them first when you face a sea of troubles”

Poet Zsófi Kemény helps Telenor give inspiration on Women’s Day

On this year’s Women’s Day, Telenor will focus on the things that connect men and women rather than on their differences. With the assistance of poet Zsófi Kemény, we will help you identify and celebrate those who provide a safety net to you all in the buzz of everyday life.

In a video published on the Facebook Page of Telenor, poet and author Zsófi Kemény recites her Women’s Day poem about the invisible yet infinitely strong safety net provided by your loved ones, the people you call first when something important happens to you and you can rely on anytime and anywhere in any situation.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=988611207996990

Telenor aims to highlight the importance of human relationships and the power of positive communication binding these relationships together. It encourages people to give not only a bunch of flowers to those celebrated but also recognize their efforts and express their love and positive emotions to them.

In her poem, Zsófi Kemény celebrates the human safety net you all have around you. Telenor encourages the followers of its Facebook Page to add the names of those in their safety nets in a comment below the video. In the game related to the campaign, those using the hashtag #védőhálóm (#mysafetynet) will be entered into a prize draw for Telenor Hipernet data tickets. You can join the game until 6:00 p.m. on 8 March.