You can buy public transport tickets and passes using your mobile account balance with Telenor

Telenor customers will be the first in Hungary to enjoy the benefits of mobile account-based ticket and pass payment in Hungary

Starting from mid-February, Telenor customers can use their mobile account to buy tickets and passes from the public transport companies of major cities including Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen, Székesfehérvár and Sopron and also from long-distance coach company Volánbusz and railway company GYSEV.  Touchless payment especially important during the pandemic is not subject to a convenience fee and you don’t even need to give your bank card data to use it.

Traffic-related services (parking, motorway toll tickets) have traditionally been the most popular mobile payment services offered by the Telenor Wallet app accounting for 80% of all mobile payment transactions in the past 8 years. Under a new feature of Telenor Wallet, public transport users can buy a ticket or pass without giving their bank card data using their mobile account balance. The tickets and passes available from the public transport companies of major cities, as well as Volánbusz and GYSEV are listed under the “Tickets and Passes” menu item of Telenor Wallet. The purchase is made in the app online which means that you need an active data connection to buy, validate and check your ticket. Neither an extra SMS fee nor a convenience fee is charged for the transaction.

Simple ticket payment in line with the needs of the modern age

As a convenience service of the new feature, you can buy your tickets and passes in the app in advance. By default, the app sends you an alert of the upcoming expiry of your pass. Expiry alerts can also be personalized. The system saves your purchase history which means that it displays previously purchased ticket types immediately rather than prompting you to select your item from a long list every time.

“Telenor is no longer just a mobile operator. It offers an increasingly diverse range of digital products, continuously adding relevant new solutions in order to make customers’ lives easier. Besides its convenience, touchless ticket payment also helps users keep safe from coronavirus as they no longer have to push the buttons of a ticket machine or queue up at the ticket counter. They can buy their tickets simply, without extra costs, even in advance”, said Márton Homola, Digital Products Director of Telenor.