Young innovators to transform PET bottles into 3D printing material and use the 5G network intuitively

One of Hungary’s largest idea contest took place last weekend

The three-day Ideathon 3.0 idea contest featured 12 teams of 70 young innovators developing new ideas to enhance the efficiency of various industries and facets of life. The main prize went to the ReFilament team reusing PET bottles as printing material for 3D printers. Other award-winners included projects to promote proper hydration at school, the digitisation of industrial audit processes and versatile applications leveraging 5G technology. Telenor’s 5G special prize was granted to the FoodArt team matching consumer needs with restaurants’ offering through gastro bloggers.

During the Ideathon 3.0 idea contest held between 13 and 15 November, new ideas were developed for themes including 5G, lifestyle, Earth and digitization by 12 teams supported by facilitators and mentors. At the three-day event organized by Győr-based Start IT up Foundation with support from Telenor and Input Program, young people interpreted the identified themes and developed solutions addressing them using the design thinking methodology.

The coronavirus pandemic has left its mark also on the Ideathon 3.0 contest. Most of the presented ideas were directly or indirectly related to the pandemic situation. Concepts included a workforce management solution for the hotel industry in the post-pandemic period, a concept simplifying SME administration, applications for the optimization of online subscriptions or the career orientation of young people. One team studied the special situation of left-handed drivers to develop new ideas and make driving safer for them.

PET bottles reused in 3D printers

Sunday afternoon, the teams presented detailed concepts to the 5-strong professional jury in a 3-minute pitch each. The jury selected the domestic PET bottle reuse idea of the ReFilament team as the winner. The team proposed a new procedure transforming used soft drink bottles into 3D printing material. The first prize included an overseas market entry package from Input Program, a free consulting session from Baconsult and digitisation training from Pannon Business Network.

Experience-based promotion of proper hydration at school

The runner-up focused on increasing the amount of water consumed by pupils at school. Experience show that children often forget to drink water regularly at school, which not only reduces their comfort, but may also pose a health hazard. The Winter Is Coming team developed a smart solution making regular water consumption an experience-driven program for children. The second prize included an overseas market entry package from Input Program, and professional mentoring and lab access from the Digital Development Center of Széchenyi István University.

Reforms in industry auditing

The third prize went to the NextgenAudit team for an idea enabling manufacturers to replace their traditional, and mostly analogue, auditing systems with efficient, environmentally friendly, touchless auditing processes including online documentation, video and even augmented reality (AR) solutions. Their prize was free admission to the Websummit 2020 event from Input Program.

Gastronomy experiments and school mentoring on the 5G network

Telenor’s 5G special prize was granted to the FoodArt team for the development of a smart app connecting gastro bloggers, readers/customers and restaurants. Restaurants can use the app to register for the cooking of gastro bloggers’ recipes. In the next step, augmented reality (AR) solutions can be added to the app to enhance the user experience. Telenor’s other special prize went to the New Founders team for a digital mentoring idea helping teachers and students find each other and redefining the processes of digital mentoring, teacher search and class offering. Using powerful (e.g. 5G) internet access, technically advanced teaching methods such as live virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) streaming solutions can be made available to users anywhere.

Sex education and environmental awareness

An adult sex education platform developed by the Pleasurelab team won participation in an idea contest in Szeged, while an idea targeted at environmentally conscious communities to help them compensate their carbon footprint by the Vaquita team won admission to a development contest in Kiev from MeOut Group.