Press Releases

A mobile phone case protecting swallows

Campaign and design competition for threatened birds

Together with many other migratory birds, swallows also leave Hungary in the autumn. It is especially important to protect them, as they return to the same nest next spring that they now leave behind. The joint campaign of Telenor, the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society (MME) and Cellect Hungary focuses on the protection of barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) and house martins (Delichon urbicum) with a special emphasis on raising public awareness and sensitization. The awareness campaign will also include a design competition inviting graphic designs related to protected animals. The best three designs will be rewarded with high-value mobile handsets and the winning design will be used to create a limited edition 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly mobile phone case.


Telenor launches new videos to support responsible internet use at the beginning of the new school year

13 episodes added to TudatosNet video series

Fake news, cyberbullying, fraudsters hiding behind fake profiles – these are some of the threats internet users might face in the online space. Telenor has added new episodes to its TudatosNet videos series to help recognize and address these threats. The education content useful for any age group helps parents and teachers encourage conversation with children about using digital devices. Telenor will also make new devices available for digital education at the beginning of the new school year.


Telenor shops are now open to dogs

Nearly three out of four shops are now dog-friendly

With nearly a hundred shops being dog-friendly across the country, Hungary makes the everyday lives of dog owners and their four-legged companions safer and more flexible. According to experts, Hungary’s dog-friendly culture shows the signs of improvement. Although it is still not common knowledge, leaving a dog alone in a public place is both illegal and may even cause an accident. As a result, it is important to have as many dog-friendly shops in Hungary as possible. This way, dog owners can do their shopping, run errands and walk their dog at the same time. Dog-friendly shops are marked with a sticker and they offer a water bowl and mat for dogs.


Discount mobile and internet tariff for single-parent families

Help for separated parents and their children to keep in touch
One in two of Hungary’s 300,000 single-parent families struggle with financial difficulties. Their challenges include the recent multiple shifts between digital and classroom-based education due to either the lack of devices necessary for remote learning or that of appropriate internet access. As part of its agreement with the Single Parent Center, Telenor has launched a discount tariff to help single parents and their children keep in touch.


New opportunity for flexible digital teacher training

Accredited HiperSuli training now available online

The e-learning methodology course of the HiperSuli program is now available online. Participants can complete the fully online 30-hour training course at their own pace, with flexible timing. Participants not only gain valuable knowledge but they also get 30 credit points in teacher training.


Wonder Woman’s creator draws comics for Telenor

The lady next door becomes comics hero

Having prepared the longest fan scarf in Hungary, Telenor now demonstrates the power of rooting with a unique comics. Judit Tondora, illustrator of Wonder Woman, has created a comics story featuring the residents of a condo using her own experience. Readers can easily recognize their neighbours or even themselves in the characters. The online comics is also available in a limited number of print copies to Telenor customers.


Telenor opens co-working hub in downtown Budapest

Anybody can book a desk or a meeting room for an hour

Telenor opened a co-working hub accommodating 50 people called ‘Desk in the city’ in its Budapest shop at Astoria. The concept is aimed at those who need an office environment for a short time at an easy-to-access central location. Currently, anyone can book a seat at a desk of their choice or a meeting room for an hour free of charge. The facility is suitable for both individual and teamwork. The operator regularly disinfects the entire shop and provides tools for the individual sanitization of each workstation.


European Championship boosts Telenor data usage during matches

Data traffic up 17% on Telenor’s network during the event

During the recent European Football Championship, the interest in matches featuring the Hungarian national team has been reflected by soaring data traffic compared to other games of the event. During the one month of the European Championship, data traffic was 17% higher on Telenor’s network than in the same period last year which was partly attributable to the usual annual growth trend.