Press Releases

ELTEphone is now available

Eötvös Loránd University launches special mobile service

ELTEphone aims to strengthen the community of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and promote cost-effective mobile usage among its students and employees. The service is powered by Telenor Hungary.


Learning is healing - KórházSuli celebrates 5th anniversary

Student volunteers help ill children with their studies 

KórházSuli has been supporting the education and school reintegration of children with a long-term illness staying at home or in a hospital for five years now. Secondary school and university students of the same age as patients help them catch up and acquire the curriculum. Doctors claim that this activity also has the potential to accelerate the healing process. At the same time, the children involved go through a self-discovery and personal growth process. In 2014, Hungary had about 1,500 private pupils due to illness. Owing to the shortcomings of the healthcare system, these children can only occasionally exercise their right to appropriate education while recovering from their illness. The KórházSuli Foundation tries to fill the gap between educational and healthcare institutions using volunteers. 


Telenor launched Hungary’s first commercial GSM service 25 years ago

From 2G to 5G: the evolution of mobile technology

Using a mobile phone was a privilege 25 years ago. With peak-time calls being more expensive, you thought twice before making a phone call those days. Mobile technology has developed tremendously over the past two and a half decades. Today, it is used by nearly everyone to reach their goals in one way or another. In the 1990s, it took about 11 minutes to download the data volume of a DVD, today this takes about 2 minutes on Telenor’s Hipernet network, and these 2 minutes will be further reduced to just 40 seconds with the adoption of 5G technology.


“You call them first when you face a sea of troubles”

Poet Zsófi Kemény helps Telenor give inspiration on Women’s Day

On this year’s Women’s Day, Telenor will focus on the things that connect men and women rather than on their differences. With the assistance of poet Zsófi Kemény, we will help you identify and celebrate those who provide a safety net to you all in the buzz of everyday life.


Digital transformation in agriculture

Advanced mobile solutions generate savings of up to HUF 10 million per year

Advanced mobile solutions monitoring the activities of agricultural machinery in real time enhance the efficiency of production and support precision farming, one of the most important fields of innovation in today’s agriculture. WayQuest, a satellite fleet tracking system developed in Hungary and used on more than 7,000 agricultural machines of 300 companies, communicates with servers through Telenor’s Hipernet mobile internet network.


Hungarians demand high-quality customer service

Client First programme: Telenor wins 5 awards in 3 categories

In the wake of digitization, online and phone-based channels are getting mainstream in customer service, but customers continue to demand a personal relationship with their operator. Telenor considers high-quality customer service a clear competitive edge in the market. Maintaining an engaged customer service team providing high-quality customer care plays a key role in the company’s business success – especially given today’s labour market trends. In recognition of its efforts to enhance customer service, Telenor was granted 5 awards in this year’s Client First competition.


Telenor accepts pre-orders for the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series

Telenor opened the registration window for the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ flagship smartphones on 20 February 2019. Those placing a pre-order for Galaxy S10 or S10+ can also order the latest Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds through the Samsung Members app.


HiperSuli provides accredited teacher training on digital education

HiperSuli programme gains accreditation and announces first course

Running for the fifth consecutive year in 2019, HiperSuli has been recognized as an accredited teacher training programme by the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI). Participants can acquire the methodologies based on HiperSuli teaching experience accumulated to date and embrace digital tools and the internet in their teaching practice in line with today’s needs. Teachers completing the programme earn 30 credits from EMMI.