Press Releases

New features added to the AVAZ app supporting people with communication disorders

Telenor grants 50 users free access to the app

One in 200 people have complex communication needs – that is, they are not able to make themselves understood verbally or in writing. The AVAZ app was designed to enable their accessible communication. The Hungarian version of the app now has new features thanks to a development effort supported by Telenor. As a result, the app offers a larger customizable glossary and words can now be inflected when selecting pictures. In addition, users can decide whether they want to use a female or a male voice to express their thoughts. Telenor is granting 50 users free access to the for-pay app.


Telenor uses less plastic and film

Customers bid farewell to a once-modern, now-obsolete 25-year-old solution
Operator cuts SIM card size to half

The new and more environmentally-friendly SIM cards launched by Telenor reduce packaging waste to half, make card delivery more efficient and mitigate the related environmental impact.


There are two kinds of decisions: important and easy

Norbert Michelisz and Dr. Ádám Márky – new guests to the “Strength from Crisis” series

Norbert Michelisz, world champion racing pilot, and dr. Ádám Márky, physician, mindfulness researcher talked about the ability to face fears and personality development in the new episode of the series.

For Norbert Michelisz, the year before COVID, 2019, was the most successful period of his life after which the global pandemic and the full lockdown were a strange contrast. How did he face this challenge after the adrenaline-fuelled experience of the world of racing? The other guest of the next episode of the “Strength from Crisis” series was Dr. Ádám Márky, physician and mindfulness expert, who talked about fears, insecurity, mindful presence and growth with the hosts Al Ghaoui Hesna and Judit Endrei-Kiss.


9,000 mobile phones and 23,000 kg of batteries recycled due to collection effort by Hungarian students

183 schools join 6-week national Sustainability Week competition

The “COLLECTWITHME” used mobile phone, e-gadget and battery collection competition supported by the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI), the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) and Telenor Hungary was joined by 183 schools.  Between mid-April and end of May, students collected more than 9,000 used mobile phones and e-gadgets, as well as nearly 23,000 kg of batteries for recycling. The best performing student collected more than 1,000 mobile phones and e-gadgets. The “most active school” title was awarded to a school in Békéscsaba.


Collaboration is the most efficient competitive strategy

New episode of the “Strength from Crisis – The Psychology of Reopening” series about the importance of trust and respect

In addition to honesty and flexibility, trust and respect are the most important values key to the survival of the community. During the crisis, new types of leadership roles emerged and old team policies had to be redefined. The fourth episode of the “Strength from Crisis – The Psychology of Reopening” series discusses the benefits of different leadership methods with the involvement of business executives Zoltán Gazsi and Szabina Tomán and social psychologist Márta Fülöp.


New record: Hungary’s longest fan scarf created

New survey on online rooting habits

In the online world of sports, Hungarians respond mostly to global events, and they follow athletes in social media not only because of their career, but also due to their exemplary behaviour and occasionally their private life – revealed Telenor’s recent survey. Besides identifying online rooting habits, Telenor has also broken a new record with Hungary’s longest, 1.7-km fan scarf prepared to honour this summer’s major sports events.


Fathers’ Day: four extra weeks for new Dads, free airtime and data for customers

Telenor gives four additional weeks of paid paternity leave to its employees and 60 minutes of free airtime as well as 4 hours of free data to its customers for Fathers’ Day

In addition to the statutory five days, Telenor provides four additional weeks of paid paternity leave to employees whose partner goes on a maternity leave because of childbirth as of 1 July. The announcement is the next step in a series of family-friendly measures taken by the company to improve employees’ well-being and work-life balance. Telenor will also provide its customers with free airtime for Fathers’ Day and unlimited data during the Hungary-French game of the European Football Championship. Please watch a video message from the CEO of Telenor.


Telenor offers flexible mobile Internet for holidays

You need to pay for Internet only on the days when you actually use it

Telenor has upgraded its mobile Internet tariff ideal for holiday homes or while travelling. The Hipernet Home+ Holiday tariff plan available with a mobile router has a monthly fee adjusted to actual usage. Under the scheme unique in the Hungarian market, you only need to pay for mobile data on the days when you actually use the tariff plan.


Reopening brings students together and makes teachers more open

Special year-end talk in the new episode of “Strength from Crisis – The Psychology of Reopening” video series

The grief for saying goodbye to the comfort of sleeping longer and attending classes in pyjamas was by far offset by the joy of meeting again in person when students returned to school in May. Some of them opened a new exercise book to celebrate the event. Many teachers feared reopening, yet most of them returned with a new momentum and lots of enthusiasm. They gained strength from the great number of newly acquired teaching competencies and the ability to overcome fears, concluded participants of the “Strength from Crisis” series.