Press Releases

Telenor offers discounts and free services to help businesses get back to normal

Easy-to-access professional online environment for returning to business as usual

Telenor’s latest Otthonline plan provides unlimited browsing and e-mail both at home and in the office, useful Office 365 features and F-Secure IT security solutions. The offer scalable to companies of all sizes from micro businesses to large enterprises supports the establishment of a professional online business environment from minimum investment. Telenor now provides various early-bird discounts to make the offer even more attractive. 


Students pass the digital transformation test – survey about the remote education experience

Students sat for their final exams in secondary schools this week. But how did remote education impact their exam preparations? A survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Telenor found that most students found the transition to remote education smooth and are happy with the new setup. They miss personal contact and their classmates the most, but enjoy more flexible time management and value the time they can save on commuting. 


A few clicks instead of using protective gear

Telenor supports online services with simplified workflows and a series of video spots

The number of personal interactions has declined while the use of online sales and customer service has grown since the lockdown was announced. Telenor has launched several new and simplified features on its online platforms to help customers further reduce personal contact posing a health hazard in the current pandemic situation.


Average mobile display size grows by 50% in 5 years

Consumers tend to carry mobile phones with increasingly large displays in their pockets every year. This trend is also confirmed by sales figures: the display size of the most popular handsets sold by Telenor has grown constantly over the past 5 years.


“Hungarian businesses will make several years’ worth of progress in digital transformation in a few months”

Digital transformation has reached all industries. In these weeks and months, much depends on how successfully a company can migrate its daily business to the online space. Fast response and adaptation are very important, keeping in mind that when restrictions are lifted and life gets back to normal, we’ll find ourselves in a world different from what we are used to. Please read a subjective account of the situation by Gábor Fülöp, Business Sales and Marketing Director of Telenor. 


New research: this is how Hungarians use the internet while in quarantine

Home office, homeschooling, video sharing, active social media use and watching series… Telenor has launched a survey to find out what people use the internet for while in quarantine, how much data the different services use and what 5GB, 10GB or 100GB is enough for. Based on the results, 73% of respondents use the internet more than before. Students have spent 4 to 6 hours studying online on average, while those working from home have tended to use the internet for 4 to 8 hours a day since homeschooling and home office were adopted across Hungary.


New iPhone SE available for pre-order at Telenor

Telenor will offer the powerful and affordable new iPhone SE. Featuring A13 Bionic, the fastest chip ever in a smartphone, iPhone SE offers unparalleled performance with great battery life, and the best single-camera system in an iPhone that unlocks the benefits of Portrait mode.


Telenor reports normal weekend network traffic at Easter - Data traffic was 40% higher than last year

This year’s Easter was very different than usual which is also confirmed by Telenor’s network statistics. Although data traffic exceeded last year’s level by more than 40%, Telenor customers used mobile internet and made voice calls on the operator’s network during the Easter weekend in the same way as they did on the previous weekends. Over the past month, overall Hipernet traffic has increased.