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Dog adoption guide

During the pandemic, more and more people consider adopting a dog. If you have a dog, you should train it right from the beginning to prevent problems such as escaping or separation anxiety. Below you can read a few useful tips from Nóra Vámosi-Nagy, senior dog trainer of Make the Most of Your Dog (Hozz ki többet a kutyádból), on the most important things to consider when adopting a dog.


A good parent-child relationship helps protect against cyber threats

One in 10 children has already encountered an adult pretending to be a child
Celebrate Safer Internet Day on 9 February

Telenor has commissioned Ipsos research institute to conduct a survey on how much Hungarian parents are familiar with the Internet usage habits of their children and the most common cyber threats [1]. Survey results show that practically every parent talks about studying and school events with their child, while only two in three consider it important to discuss the issues of cyberbullying and the things to know about using social media with them. Telenor has prepared a TudatosNet educational video series of 14 episodes for Safer Inter Day.


Tips to brighten up your February

How to survive depressing winter months

The grey winter period is now more depressing than ever, as you always need to be on your guard to observe the rules: wear a mask, get home in time, reduce your contacts…In light of this, you should try and find the solutions that can help you break free of the barriers, be it an online party or the completion of an old plan. Since your smartphone can be a useful accessory for that, Telenor has compiled a list of tips that can help you survive February and may well fit in your tariff plan including unlimited domestic airtime or 100GB of domestic data.


Half-term report: hybrid method to become a staple part of education

HiperSuli evaluates half term

The first half of the academic year 2020/21 wasn’t any easier than the spring period despite all appearances. What challenges did teachers and students face in the new term? How much did they get used to hybrid education? Did digitally qualified teachers cope better in the face of challenges? Please read a half-term evaluation from Balázs Koren, maths teacher, Digital Ambassador of the Year and head of the HiperSuli digital education program.


Telenor acquires new spectrum licence at NMHH auction

Telenor Hungary has been granted a spectrum licence for another 15+5 years by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) at the auction announced for 900MHz and 1,800MHz bands. The operator acquired a 26MHz and a 40MHz block in the 900 MHz and in the 1,800MHz band, respectively for a total amount of HUF 56.854bn. Both bands will play a key role in mobile network development during the next decade. Given their technology agnostic nature, they will make the benefits of the most advanced technologies available combined with a high coverage.


Tenfold increase in mobile internet use on New Year’s Eve over 5 years ago

33% year-on-year growth in mobile data traffic on New Year’s Eve

Telenor analysed network traffic on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and compared it to that in previous years in terms of mobile internet, voice and SMS usage. On New Year’s Eve, when no events were held and a curfew was in effect, Telenor measured a significant increase on its network.