Press Releases

Hungarians demand high-quality customer service

Client First programme: Telenor wins 5 awards in 3 categories

In the wake of digitization, online and phone-based channels are getting mainstream in customer service, but customers continue to demand a personal relationship with their operator. Telenor considers high-quality customer service a clear competitive edge in the market. Maintaining an engaged customer service team providing high-quality customer care plays a key role in the company’s business success – especially given today’s labour market trends. In recognition of its efforts to enhance customer service, Telenor was granted 5 awards in this year’s Client First competition.


Telenor accepts pre-orders for the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series

Telenor opened the registration window for the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ flagship smartphones on 20 February 2019. Those placing a pre-order for Galaxy S10 or S10+ can also order the latest Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds through the Samsung Members app.


HiperSuli provides accredited teacher training on digital education

HiperSuli programme gains accreditation and announces first course

Running for the fifth consecutive year in 2019, HiperSuli has been recognized as an accredited teacher training programme by the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI). Participants can acquire the methodologies based on HiperSuli teaching experience accumulated to date and embrace digital tools and the internet in their teaching practice in line with today’s needs. Teachers completing the programme earn 30 credits from EMMI.


Online quiz and chatbot from Telenor on Safer Internet Day

Where can the victims of online abuse get help? Is there a situation when you don’t have to ask for people’s permission to take a photo or video of them? You can test your internet skills by answering such and similar questions in the online test published by Telenor on Safer Internet Day. Teenagers can learn more about online safety in a playful way using the chatbot app “ChatStory – Your Story”.


Wangiri: call scam hits Hungarian mobile subscribers

Telenor and its customers put in place effective protection against scammers

Last weekend, Hungarian mobile customers were hit by a Wangiri-type scam where missed calls are being made from far-flung countries to encourage people to call back expensive international numbers. The scammers earn money after international, potentially premium-rate, calls. During the weekend, Telenor’s network received over 100,000 such calls but the operator blocked these numbers immediately to protect its customers.


Telenor launches VoLTE

The new technology featuring HD voice quality offers a call setup time 2 or 3 times faster than its predecessors.

The Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology recently launched by Telenor offers faster call setup and better voice quality enabling customers to simultaneously make a voice call and enjoy the benefits of Hipernet 4G data access.


Tips for fighting e-mail scam

Similarly to other companies, Telenor Hungary has also faced the issue of fraudsters distributing false payment notices in its name to trick customers into sending money or disclosing their personal data to them. This problem affects not only the operator’s customers but all Hungarians, as criminals tend to send their e-mails on a random basis. In response to this, Telenor Hungary has launched an education campaign for the Hungarian public and filed a report with the police regarding the e-mail scam.