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Hungary’s best robot builder students announced

Teams selected for the global finals

Teams from Sóskút, Tata and Győr were announced as winners of the national finals of the FIRST LEGO League robot building competition. Based on the results of Hungarian students, the international organisers invited two additional finalists (a team from Budapest and Debrecen each) to attend the global finals in Greece. The “Breakthrough” special award of the Telenor Hipersuli program was granted to the team of the First Budensis German Language Teaching Minority Primary School of Budapest.


ByeAlex talks about his rising anger, while Károly Gerendai discusses ideas born from necessity in the second episode of the “Strength from Crisis – The Psychology of Reopening” series

Being unable to play live music and keep in touch with the audience, ByeAlex lost his sources of inspiration due to the pandemic. During the “ban on concerts” he wrote a new album but he wishes he wouldn’t have had the time for that. Károly Gerendai switched to crisis mode and found comfort in action to escape from the sense of helplessness. As a strong leader, he kept his team’s spirits up with new ideas. He believes that the crisis brought not only losses but also some positive things including innovations that are here to stay in the long run. In the second episode of the “Strength from Crisis – The Psychology of Reopening” online video series, hosts Hesna Al Ghaoui and Judit Endrei-Kiss had ByeAlex, performer and songwriter, and Károly Gerendai, businessman, as their guests.


End of school year approaching: television host holds online quiz for special audience

Participants include nearly 70 students from schools of 4 disadvantaged regions  

How many times does a teenager unlock their phone a day? What makes a strong password? These were some of the questions asked at the playful online quiz game attended by nearly 70 students and hosted by Gábor Gundel Takács. The game featured one team of each school winning in the Digital Springboard asset funding program organized by the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service and Telenor Hipersuli. The winning schools received 53 portable computers and tablets at a total value of HUF 10 million, as well as Internet access for digital education purposes.


7+1 tips if you plan a longer adventure

Valuable advice based on the experience of a kayak trip of 2,850 km

With the good weather arriving, nothing can keep you from going on an exciting trip. Klaudia and Richárd departed from the shore of the Black Sea on 4 March to kayak to the Black Forest on the Danube against the flow. They plan to arrive at their destination before the middle of the summer. Reaching the last leg of their ambitious 2,850-km-long expedition, they’ve collected some useful advice and experience they consider indispensable for anyone heading for a longer adventure. Read 7+1 tips from real experts.


“Strength from Crisis – The Psychology of Reopening” – online video series by Hesna Al Ghaoui and Judit Endrei-Kiss

Six talks featuring guests such as Károly Gerendai, ByeAlex, Anikó Baji, Réka Lukoviczki, Dr. Márta Fülöp and Norbert Michelisz

The hosts of the new “Strength form Crisis – The Psychology of Reopening” online video series include Hesna Al Ghaoui, journalist and author researching the topic of fear and Judit Endrei-Kiss, organizational development expert with a degree in psychology and Chief HR Officer of Telenor. In the six talks, the hosts will ask their guests about the challenges they faced recently to identify the experiences that helped them gain strength, support and new ideas now that we are finally reopening.


Cheer for Hungary and help set a record this summer

Telenor to prepare Hungary’s longest fan scarf

This summer will be about cheering for sports teams for many people. Telenor will join them with a community record attempt aiming to prepare Hungary’s longest fan scarf. The scarf will display messages supporting the Hungarian team. If you want to contribute your message, please send it to where you can also order your own personal fan scarf.


More student teams join the vanguard of LEGO programming in Hungary

Winners include the teams of Agora (Debrecen) and AKG (Budapest). Students from Edelény and a family team are also admitted to the national finals of FIRST LEGO League.

The national finals of the FIRST LEGO League robot building competition for students was preceded by five regional finals whose last two rounds were held at the weekend of 15 and 16 May. Of the two rounds, six teams qualified for the two-day national finals to be attended by the best robot programming teams of the country on 29 and 30 May. The two winners will participate in the international finals in Greece featuring more than 110 countries.


Telenor maintains free access to top education websites until the end of the school year

Businesses get a 6-month restart discount

Telenor Hungary supports its customers in the two key fields of education and business. The free access provided to major education websites since November has been of great assistance to both students and their parents. The tariff discount made available upon reopening the country in May has made it easier for companies to restart business.T


A call for schools: win rewards for electronic waste

Used mobile phone, e-gadget and battery collection competition for young people

The used mobile phone, e-gadget and battery collection competition titled “GYŰJTSVELEM” has been launched with the support of the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI), Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) and Telenor Hungary. The initiative aims to raise public awareness of the importance of recycling. The nationwide competition announced on the occasion of the Sustainability Week is open for primary schools and their students. The initiative running until the end of May rewards the most active participants with valuable prizes.